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VR : Samsung S6 and VR1607

BabluN private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

I am planning to get a Samsung S6 and the Gear VR to show the Matterport models. But, I am a bit confused at the moment. How would the Matterport models be viewable in VR. Would the uploaded models on a website be good enough.....? Do we need to get a different version of the model for VR from Matterport.....? How would the movement within a model in VR be controlled.....?
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Santana private msg quote post Address this user
The regular models can not be viewed. They have to be formatted for the VR viewing. From what I am currently seeing after having bought the samsung s7 and receiving my VR headset I believe it is still in Beta. I had emailed Matterport directly to ask about one of my models being converted and the cost and it's been a week with no response so I am thinking they are not at the point to start converting models yet. I have taken my headset out with me twice and showed one of the Beta examples to prospects describing what will be in the future and it was very well received. Hope this helps.
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BabluN private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Santana,

Thank you very much for the update. Assuming that I do go ahead and get the Gear VR, could you please tell me how do I get the beta examples to show to prospects? How do I load it on to the phone?
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Santana private msg quote post Address this user
The headset comes with instructions. The phone needs to be on and it will speak when you first connect it to the headset. It will have instructions for download and set up. Once done go in library/store to find Matterport Beta while having the headset on. You will understand more once you have the headset. It's free. (I'm an apple user and it wasn't too hard to figure out having never used a Samsung phone before.)
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RobinLycka private msg quote post Address this user
Cost is USD 500 pr model, turn around time is at least 2-3 weeks.

The converted model has to be installed as a sideloader to the Matterport app on your device.
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