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Standard Cabrahams private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone,

This is the only thread I've come across for single-property websites on the forum:


Is anyone familiar with any others? I think I would prefer to find one that lists the property address as the address and then be able to include the Matterport scan within.

SO instead of:

It might read:

http://www.7826nwskylineblvd/matterport (etc.)

Any thoughts?


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Basic Andrew private msg quote post Address this user
Koaware thread clickable text
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3rd Party Service rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Hey guys...

Check out what we offer with WP3D Models.

Here's an example:

Note that you can assign any domain and then forward to the full URL, keeping the SEO value on your own site/domain.
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Basic 360Idaho private msg quote post Address this user
See a demo at TourFactory.com/1345366. It's set up to use all styles of media. 99% of my work is with agents but I'm using their template to track my commercial jobs for a nice portfolio site. go to tourfactory.com/1516588.
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How to buy/link a custom URL to any Single Property Website in this MUG Forum Thread


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Standard Cabrahams private msg quote post Address this user
All great info. thanks!

Next question. Just curious what people charge to create these websites and what your process is?

As in, do you send anything out to agents with all of the specific information needed; copy, property particulars, etc. etc.
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Basic Showcas3D private msg quote post Address this user
I was going to charge $25-50 for these but I include them with the virtual tour to offer more value to what I'm charging. doesn't take very long to put together and from the feedback I've heard from agents, the love em
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frazier3d private msg quote post Address this user
we also use https://tr.im/ you can create a shortened URL and if you set up an account, you can track the usage for that specific tr.im. We set up different tr.im for different sites and that helps us track traffic.

here is one of our early links we set up: tr.im/keely
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RenderingSpace private msg quote post Address this user

That single property website is old and outdated.

All of our single property websites are built completely different on their own domain:

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