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Think Big: How to Shootout Outside Your Coverage Area

Imagine that you have (a very happy) client that owns or manages communities (apartments, single family homes, town homes) in multiple cities (outside driving distance).

What do you do? Just focus on your market? If asked, refer the business to another Pro?

It's time to think big.
You have a trusted relationship with the client. Why not offer one-stop shopping? Your client. Your pricing. You coordinate the scanning with other Pros around the country.

Simply find Pros on the Map above (green, blue and purple pins). Our map makes it super-easy and super-fast to locate Matterport Pros around the globe. Now 1,200 from 55 countries. Or, PM me for free referrals.

And, just because you do not see a "pin" in the Map does not mean that there are no Matterport Pros there!

When I publish a Matterport Pro Wanted: [In Your City] notice in the MUG Forum, we typically have Pros join the MUG Forum and PM me. (About These Notices)

You earn the difference between what you charge your client and what the other Pro charges you.

Larger clients often prefer to pay more to have one point of contact (that's you). Simply quote a project management fee. The management fee could be a percentage or flat fee per scan. Or, even a per square foot rate that already includes your management fee.

As a Matterport Service Provider Pro, you can grow your business without adding employees. You can grow your business beyond your "coverage" area. And, you can set your pricing at the rate that you are willing to take on this additional responsibility.

We already have a number of Pros that do the above. I know this because they reach out to me frequently for free referrals in many, many states. And, some Pros asking for international referrals.

Wondering what other Pros charge? PM me by 15 April 2016 for a free, 30-day pass to the Guide to Matterport Service Provider Pricing curated by We Get Around. The Guide includes deep-links to the pricing pages of 60 Matterport Service Providers.

Plus, rates are often negotiable when you are handling the business development, client relationship and production (other than trimming) and deliverables.

What concerns do you have about growing your business by engaging other Matterport Pros across the country and around the globe?



We Get Around Referral Network Members can have "Video D" customized with their contact info and logo. We also customize the visual with your city. For clarification, that's where the "arrows" begin to take over the country and globe. (About Videos | Benefits of Joining } Compare Plans)