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Tip: How to Create a Logo for Under $1001517

Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

I noticed that many real estate agents that are buying the Matterport camera are setting up a side business – either for themselves or for a family member to scan either for other agents or unrelated businesses.

Among other things, that likely means creating a new logo for the new business.

When I founded We Get Around in 2014, I used the freelance platform to get a logo done for less than $100. And, we received the final art in various formats (.ai / .jpg / .pdf / .png) and in various colors (see below) with – and without - the We Get Around text within the logo (for the We Get Around Twitter Icon, for example).

You can post the project and sit back for quotes to come rolling in from around the globe and/or invite specific designers to quote on your project.

We received so many quotes so quickly, I stopped the quoting because it was overwhelming even to review so many quotes (that's a good problem).

Plus, anyone quoting means they are available immediately to work on your project.

In addition to (likely) lower pricing, you can review online portfolios, ratings and amount that the freelancer has earned.

It's not for everyone. I happen to be fine with writing a detailed brief and providing attachments to provide creative direction. If you like to sit side-by-side, that may be a challenge. That said, many freelancers will Skype (video, text) with you.

Even today, I still use For example, the art above for the We Get Around Essential Marketing Tool Box for Matterport Service Providers was created by a designer half-way across the planet and nine hours ahead of me for $75. I happen to like waking up in the morning to artwork waiting for me. I received eight quotes in two days ranging from $35 to $175. I reviewed online portfolios, ratings and total revenue paid to freelancers to help me decide ...

Like Uber, client rates service provider and service provider rates clients. Since everyone wants five stars and great comments, it helps keep the energy headed in the right direction.

While the above example is for graphic design, there are a gazillion services available via

There are other freelance marketplaces places too. Do you use a different one? Why?

A friend uses Set a budget and multiple designers do work on spec. Essentially, you get to pick after the work has been done. ( pricing)

Got a tip about a solution that would be helpful to the Matterport User Group Forum community? Please "Compose Thread" and share ...



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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
I have to put my foot down here. I am a 4 hour drive from Atlanta. My in-laws are in Loganville and I come up there quite frequently. How about I blast realtors and offer some $250 tours? Heck, get 3 and I'll do them all for $500! Graphic design is a part of my business and I proffer that there is not a substitute for working with local talent. A high school student could have generated that tool box. Is your Philippines-based designer going to recommend you to his real estate friends/clients? I'm trying to calm down now. One more beer won't do us no harm.
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Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

While I am thrilled with the design for the We Get Around logo, the 'tool box' is C+ at best. I agree. That said, for $75 and fast turnaround, I'm fine with it.

I did reach out to the designer that did our logo and he was not available.

We're all busy and we have to decide how much is something worth, how quickly we want it and how much of our time are we willing to commit to getting it done.

Please do let me know when you're in Atlanta (and I will let you know when we're back in St. Simons Island).

This may one topic where we agree to disagree.

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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
you've simply got to support local business, especially art/creative enterprises. they bring energy and culture to your local community. Google could easily send a phalanx of drones in to do what we do for free (with ads). and there's that old adage "you get what you pay for." you are not buying a logo. you are investing, and the higher price you might pay to a local struggling person (a person just like yourself) will stand a better chance of paying dividends back than to the college student in wyoming or wherever the hell these on-line hacks reside. i disagree, but i don't agree to it. sorry. community is too important, and that is an issue i have with atlanta (with exceptions).
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Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Please suggest some options for how the MUG Forum community can connect with their local graphic designers for under $250 projects such as designing a logo.

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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
make friends.
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smcclell private msg quote post Address this user
Well I have definitely looked at such solutions for floor plans.

Site I looked at was fivver. Though, I have ended up finding a solution that works for me that I do myself.

As for logos I usually do that stuff myself too, but if I came across a technical wall that I could not overcome then I'd have no problem using one of these sites. But I would say it would be only for small things that don't need an ongoing line of communication for changes and discussions.

If I wanted something exactly as I wanted it with a high level of quality I would most likely go local.
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fburch private msg quote post Address this user
I've read (sorry, can't find the cite) that the changes in society that end up winning are inevitably the most economical ones--for an example, take a look at what happened to the Luddites.

We live in an era of unprecedented and accelerating change, and I think that the key to survival is embracing change and adapting to it, taking ownership of our situation and saying, "Now that I find myself in this situation, what am I going to do about it?"

(Kind of off-topic, but inevitably someday there will be something better and cheaper than Matterport, and we are going to have to deal with it.)
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