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Customer wants tour file for forever use?1514

EricThomas private msg quote post Address this user
I have a customer that wants to order a large volume(builder models). However he wants them for forever use. A file or flash drive that he can keep. Says he has had bad experiences with previous vendors going out of business and then not having access to work he has already paid for.

OBJ files won't work for this correct? Any ideas to help combat this?

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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Eric

At the present time there is no way for you or him to have access to the SC without paying your monthly fee for hosting.

What some service providers have do is have the customer pay the monthly fee MP but over time that can be very expensive.

The only other option is to do a complete video capture of the VT which he can retain indefinitely but it's only a MP4 not a immersive VT.

Sorry but that is all that's currently available to you and your customer.
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Maria private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah, it is a risk and a leap of faith that all of us Matterport stakeholders all are taking, but then again, we are all taking that chance, which shows a lot of us have confidence in the company's longevity. Just think, a decade ago, no one would dream of trusting all their music and software purchases, photos, and documents to remain on a single company's servers (cloud). I'm sure you can convey that sense of confidence to your client.

Also, if it is your business he is worried about, he can either get his own Matterport account or save money by taking that chance.
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EricThomas private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah i think its uncertainty in regards to both operations...myself/matterport.

He also wants to use the files to submit for builder awards. Those presentations are delivered in a photography/VirtualTour (offline) format. He thinks these tours will certainly highlight more features and quality than a normal photo collage. Without being able to deliver an offline format he will have to also purchase a normal photo session and tour.

Maybe the video format in a longer version will suffice him.
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davidpylyp private msg quote post Address this user
The model is not a model unless they keep paying a hosting fee.

I tell customers that the model pricing works out to near $15.00 per month and is billed every 6 months for $90.

There is an option the FLATTEN the model into a screen capture
[but then it no longer functions]

They can BUY that version for an EXTRA $[How Big was it / Time]
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