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Labeling and Mattertags1511

JCHAFE private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Guys,

With the ability to label the floor plan and now the new mattertag's i'm getting customer inquires to use these features but I dont know how to handle it. I dont want to add the nightmare of spending additional hours every night in front of the computer, and then all the change requests that come along with it, and its not enough hours to hire out to anyone. How is everyone else going to handle this? Is there additional logins to the matterport account that you can give a customer with limited access to do this themselves?
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JCHAFE private msg quote post Address this user
I should add that we offer still photography and measurements as well, so to allow them to do the Mattertags with a user login, there will be nothing preventing them from taking the snapshots and measurements themselves as well.
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RobinLycka private msg quote post Address this user
Get a junior assistant, event a tech oriented student or something like that would easily manage this.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
This is something we are considering but, like you pointed out it will be time consuming. So most likely we will do it at first to allow them to see it what it is. Then added it with a limit of just a few tags for free then anything over that would cost. But the problem with adding an additional user which I like, also has its issues. Matterport restricts the number of what they list as collaborators. The base price restricts you to only 5 users and the mid plan restricts to 20, I can’t remember how many the premium plan offers. So that restricts you there. I would love to have an unlimited number of collaborators, but have the time a collaborator has to make changes or work on the model to 7 days. I have several clients that choose to extract the photo and we have taught them how to do it. But have back off this when we saw the collaborator restrictions.
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kenangiguere private msg quote post Address this user
I agree with a providing few free ones then charge per tag or block of tags after that. Too much editing will cut down on profits and hiring an assistant will do the same.
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BabluN private msg quote post Address this user

I was aware that the Mattertag's were out, but was not sure about labelling. I was able to label the floor plan, but was not able to publish it? Were you able to do this?
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
It's part of the job
What if your competition started doing it?
Charge the client if you think they will accept it
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JCHAFE private msg quote post Address this user
Few Notes !

@ BabluN,

I played with the labeling, but never tried to publish it so I'm not sure about any other challenges it offers.

I offered a ken burns style VT a few years back with a custom overlay and I was getting dozens of requests to change things every night. It was a nightmare.

@ Jamie

Myself and my wife run the business and we are both non stop from morning until night. Charging the client doesn't solve the issues offering these additional features will cause.

I shouldn't say this, but we don't have any competition for the Matterport. We have been doing work for more than half the realtors in my city since 2009 and usually offer a lower price high volume business model.

I have the Business plan from matterport which I think has 50 collaborators but I do work for over 200 Agents. I have north of 95% open rate on all the emails I send out. It would be very difficult for competition to work there way into our market. I'm guessing by the summer I'll need a second camera.

We take measurements on site with a laser measure, so I still have the problem that if I give clients access to the "back office" they will take the measurements off of there and eliminate us.

Hiring someone to do the Mattertags will add a second day to the turn around time. If they can't complete the tags before I leave in the morning, I cant send them until the evening.
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