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We were recently asked by a local construction company to conduct a data shoot of their construction site at a local hospital.

They wanted a portion of the new kitchen spaces they are building to be captured in a model, to experiment with using a 3D showcase as a photographic record of construction progress.

Below are Kathy Oman (data-photographer) and Dave Austin (admin; in the pink hardhat) and the construction crew that came to learn how the Matterport scanning process works.

Note the odd green/black orb on a tripod; this is a Panono panoramic ball camera. You can either use it on a tripod or toss it into the air and at its apogee it snaps a 360 degree panoramic photo. They used the Panono on a tripod while we were data-shooting the central space of the kitchen, in part to compare its photographic record of unfinished spaces with that of a 3D showcase.
An unfinished space can be tricky to capture, the lack of solid walls makes the Matterport camera as finicky as a spoiled cat. The red circle in the photo below shows the location from which we first tried to start scanning; we could get no subsequent scan point to align with the initial scan point thanks to the lack of nearby solid walls.

We scrapped the first attempt and started over at the scan point shown below. The wall 'behind' the camera seemed to give a good solid reference to which subsequent scans could use for alignment. We ended up looping scan points through the core space and making the scan points at the entrance (shown above) our final three.

Here's the showcase:

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Nice work and explanation!
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