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Matterport Crash Test Results1401

RenderingSpace private msg quote post Address this user
Good News!

Today my Manfrotto tripod failed for no reason at all and my camera crashed to the floor mid scan. I was on a sky bridge in a modern home and had it fallen the other way it would have toppled over the railing then crashed 12' below.

It glanced off a drywall corner on its way which the agent wasn't too happy about but as you can imagine, I couldn't have cared less out the drywall in that moment.

It made a huge crash sound so I thought it was all over for me. But after restarting it, there wasn't even a hiccup. The thing is like a little tank.

So take comfort in knowing that our cameras are well built. While you're at it, go and tighten all the bolts on your tripod!
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lisahinson private msg quote post Address this user
Wow! Scary but great results.
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
Nothing happens "for no reason at all."
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
That's crappy.
I had one behind a dor that was knocked over when the home owner walked in. Lucky I was close enough to catch it.
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BillRobinson private msg quote post Address this user
Bummer when that happens. Mine fell over onto a tile floor. Still worked fine but had a battle scar. Now I make sure all the screws are tight every 3 weeks. I have it as a recurring task on my calendar.
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kenangiguere private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for posting! I do lock doors when my camera is in front of it. Especially the front door! I've always been nervous about someone knocking it over.
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