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Amazon Merge VR Headset1322

pheller private msg quote post Address this user
Does anyone have any experience using this? I don't see this becoming a necessity for us. But I can see real estate offices wanting one for their conference rooms to show clients multiple houses without driving around for half a day.

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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Looks like another version of Google cardboard.
They are ok without being great. The gear vr is far better for the whole vr experience. If you want to impress, start there and work up to the oculus or vive.
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
I'm suprised that Matterport haven't created their own headset based on Google cardboard.

I want to get one of these working with Matterport.

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CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
There are enough headsets out there and enough devices, content and universally available applications is the current issue. Imagine if the oculus app (matterport vr showcase) and all other apps inside of that library worked any headset, from google cardboard to gear vr, to vive, oculus rift. Sure the cheaper ones would have limitations(as would the device), but thats where the value of the expensive ones come in.
just my 2 cents.
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JoeMontaleone private msg quote post Address this user
I just did a home builders show and had the VR Gear with me and everyone was lining up to experience it. There were people come by wanting to see it because someone in the show had told them that they had to see it. I agree that it is too early in our business to use on a day to day business but it does bring the Wow factor in on how advanced our Marketing is when Listing their home with us. I am also scheduled to do a Chamber of Commerce event in May in front of many professionals and business owners.
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