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Can't load Showcase on some Firefox installa129

Jacques private msg quote post Address this user

For some of our customers using Firefox, the Showcase loading process never completes (it hangs when just about to complete).
From what I've understood, this is due to extensions like AdBlockPlus (https://adblockplus.org/) which block what they identify as ads...

This is a major problem as most of our customers commonly have ad blockers and hence believe it does not work...
Also, as they are non technical people, it is difficult to imaging asking them to disable their ad blocker for this particular web site.

I've asked Matterport if there is anything they/we can do against this behaviour and I wondered how you deal with this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Vincentlublink private msg quote post Address this user
This happens also little older computers, safari (mac), the tours when they are big they do not load at all.
When scans are to big,all computers that are a little older whith the newest software do not load tours that are to big.

That's one of the reasons that i wait buying this system.

It' a young system and not so long on the market, it's not ready for the big public.

And one of the other reasons is that you are depending your tours on a company the has everting in there hands, and for that it's to risky.

everting is in the hand of Matterport the only thing you have is a camera.

Sorry for My very bad englisch...
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Jacques private msg quote post Address this user
The impossibility to use Showcase also impact old browser that do not support WebGL (like IE on Vista for instance) and obviously old computers with a graphic card not supporting this technology.

I've had an answer from Matterport regarding the impact of AdBlock Plus on the possibility to use Showcase.

They were able to find a situation where adblockplus add-on for Firefox does in fact block the models in the manner I described. They found out that instead of just disabling AdBlock Plus for matterport.com web sites, it is possible to just disable its filter called "easyprivacy".
When "easyprivacy" is selected the loading of the models fails.
Therefore, technically, the work around is pretty straight forward, either add my.matterport.com to the exception list, disable the "easyprivacy" feature, or disable adblockerplus.

The problem is that most of our customers (or future ones!) are non technical people...

I suggested Matterport to contact these Ad Blocker providers and ask them to add Matterport (DNS name) to a white list…
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