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Two Pricing Questions1284

Cabrahams private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone,

I know there have been a number of posts on pricing and while I have mine dialed in at this point, I was wondering what people do about the following:

AT&T Data Charges for the Ipad - I keep getting these and have been eating them as a cost of doing business. Each time it pops up is another $30. It came up on Thursday during a huge scan and then again at the end of day yesterday during the fourth scan of the day for me.

Models w over 100 scans - As most scans are, until now I haven't been charging for these and have been eating these costs as well, however, going forward I think I will now charge the $19 per 100 additional scans that I'm being charged by Matterport. Anyone else doing this?

Thanks in advance.

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BrettMtn private msg quote post Address this user
1. Turn off your cellular. No reason it needs to be on during a scan. My iPad is wifi only and if I'm at a scan that's far away I'll turn on my phone hotspot and upload the model with my phone's data. Usually have to upgrade the data for that month if I do it a couple of times but it's the cost of doing business if you want it to process quickly.

2. Do you charge based on square footage? If so, you get paid more for the larger models that have more than 100 scans. If you are pricing a flat rate per home then you might want to rethink that or charge an extra $20 for homes larger than say 3000sq ft to cover your extra cost from Matterport.

Hope that helps
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Cabrahams private msg quote post Address this user
I had a feeling the AT&T question was probably stupid. I'll do that I guess I wasn't thinking.

I charge per sq.ft. to make it easier. I do obviously make more on the larger scans but it still eats into the cost. Just wondering if anyone else passes along the cost or if they just eat it as well as a cost of doing business?
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kenangiguere private msg quote post Address this user
I upload my scan when I get home or back to the office. I also finish last minute editing then too so I can get out of the clients way a little quicker. I take quick pix with my iPhone of each room incase I miss a window or mirror.

For charging - I charge by the sq. ft. Over 4000, so I feel I get paid for the extra 19.00 cost with that pricing plan and I don't have to charge the client extra.

I haven't done anything under 4000 yet, so not sure if I can get away with only 100 scans on those properties.
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
It depends on your client. I personally wouldn't risk adding a small fee as it might lose you future jobs. Cetainly tell the client about it and that you are prepared to eat the cost. I guess. It comes down to how much you charge
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
I do what Jamie does, its dependent on the client, a long term client that has been loyal with work I don't worry about it. Newer clients we include it as an additional charge, most clients have no problem with the charge if they know it up front. Others hate the added charge after the job is complete.

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