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What I miss with Matterport/Workshop1280

KPunsvik private msg quote post Address this user
I have been using the Matterport-camera for almost 2 months now and produced ca. 20 models for customers. In that time I have learnt a great deal from this forum and from practicing the camera during scanning and I now feel pretty comfortable with both the scanning process and the post-processing in the Workshop module.

However, I have ended up with a long list of thing I miss with the camera and Workshop. I believe that many of these points would be easy for the tech-team at Matterport implement and make the product even better. I must admit that I haven't searched the forum for these points, but it is important for me to get rid of some of my frustration concerning the process with both scanning and workshop and hear if it is just me or if its echoes through the community.

Hopefully some of the points will then be heard.

What I miss with Matterport/Workshop:

* Pause button while scanning. When subjects is about to walk into your scan-zone. Instead of yelling “stop” to the poor subject, you could just press “pause” on your iPad.
* Choose which way the camera should move when taking a snapshot. The inability to choose which way the camera moves is frustrating and often leads to unwanted turns in a walk-through.
* Smoother turns in automatic Walk-through. I imagine it would be possible to calculate a better movement based on the movements of the next/upcoming “slide/highlight” so that there will be less chunky and fast movements.
* The last hightligt/slide stops before moving in pano/walkthrough-mode.
* Autoplay on both weblink and embed as a standard option in Workshop.
* “View Fullscreen”-button is sometimes missing in embed-mode.
* “How to navigate”-pop-up disappears when enabling walkthrough. I want it back.
* Startup Location sometimes fails to update to new location.
* The possibility in Workshop to change name on floor(s).
* The possibility to drag all images at once, not just one and one single, down from from the highlight-reel to the filmstrip.
* The possibility to set metres as standard in stead of inches. (US inches is always standard, no matter how much I toggle it to metres).
* A way in Workshop to download and post-process (remove blemishes, camera in mirror etc.) the 360 images from a desired scan. Wouldn’t be too difficult to do. Automatic uploading after post-processing.
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DigitalImageries private msg quote post Address this user
Great list!
I would add to it, an app to set numerous adjustments to the walkthru.
It would be great to have keyframes that would allow for; a designed path,as well as speed and rotation control. Matterport has a real winner in this feature if they can upgrade the quality of the output and build a way for tour designers to determine speed, direction and pause/stop.
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pixelray private msg quote post Address this user
I believe Dan has created a "wish list" post, but yeah, good list.

A duplicate button for when I have multiple windows the same size would be nice too, so I don't have to re-create each new window marking.

I always just hit the "x" next to the scan button to stop the scan when someone walks in the room. Not a pause button per say, but much better than yelling at people.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user

If I understand your concern correctly about "* “How to navigate”-pop-up disappears when enabling walkthrough.", there's an easy fix for that....

For that, you can customize your code as follows:
Always show, or always hide, navigation help
The help screen will display the first time a Matterport user loads a model. To ALWAYS show help, add the &help=1 parameter following the model string. To NEVER show help, add the &help=0 parameter following the model string. Example:

<iframe width="853" height="480" src='' frameborder="0"></iframe>

<iframe width="853" height="480" src='' frameborder="0"></iframe>

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