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Hello fellow members/Matterport Pro's. What if you get this question: "I have a home that is 7,000 sf ft. How much will it costs me to get a 3d tour and photography?"

Love to hear some answers. (Dan - I know there's a link to people's pricing - just wanted some direct feedback if possible)
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I didnt know there was a direct link to peoples pricing....
Well im a complete newbie to the 3D tour world but I would try and base it off how long it may take you... I just did one and it took me 5 hours... At the end of the day I want at least $100 an hour but that just my time. Again also depends on how much per sq foot you want to charge. Im charging a price range of a 1000 sq foot then it goes to the next tier. But something this big would be a custom price. So the bottom line is your area as well. I would start in my area with letting them know what your sq footage price is then tell them how much for the a certain amount of photos. Give them that price and tell them you will give them a deal of whatever you think is a good deal..
Thats just one of many ways... But again im new at this... As far as the photos goes I do 0-2500/2501-3500/3501-4500 then custom for photos over 4500. But each package has a certain amount of photos. Im now offering better packages for 3D tour and photos as they dont want to have a listing without photos... =)
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