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Feature Idea - Zenith/Nadir Photo Correction1223

3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
If we can see the floor and ceiling at all times in 3D View, then why can't Matterport fill in the missing photographic Zenith and Nadir using the 3D data?

I was playing around with Sketchfab.com on a scan that I did and was carefully walking through the home -- and I realized that there was a quality to the 3D tour that was missing from the photos -- and it was the seamless ability to look up and down. Something I miss from working with panoramic tours and fisheye lenses.

If you can't picture what I'm thinking - take a look at the tour I did as an example. Look up and down. The ceiling and floor is there... what would it be like if Matterport used the same data to fill in the black spots at the top and bottom of our tours?

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Maria private msg quote post Address this user
The model you are showing in Sketch Fab is very similar to the "mesh" view in Matterport's Workshop mode. Having this view available in showcase mode as an option would be nice. The quality is not as impressive for house advertising and mirrors and shiny bits can cause a bit of havoc on the sensors creating weird random objects and odd shapes such as the desk lamp and melted refrigerator in your Sketch Fab model.

Also I found the Sketch Fab model difficult to navigate compared to the Matterport mesh view which still maintains a sense of up and down allowing me to walk through like a video game using A W S D keys to walk, right and left arrow keys or mouse/tracpad to look around and the space bar to jump.

On a side note, Matterport .obj files can be converted into a point cloud file .pts as well, which produces some interesting models and can be imported into CAD software. https://vimeo.com/141665697
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
in the real world, the vertical nodal points are usually boring and meaningless.
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
Harlan: I agree, however, on Matterport tours, the vertical viewing is quite limited and even in the limited space, the top and bottom area is blurred. Filling in this area with data from the 3D scan would make perfect sense and look better than a blurry circle.

Maria: Correct - I was just playing with SketchFab after seeing that a few others had done the same. I mentioned it only because I found that the ability to see the floor instead of a blurry circle was pleasing.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
Metroplex360, The issue I see is like you said this looks good and worked good in panorama's which usually use way fewer view points. Since in Matterport is automated and we have so many view points it would take even longer to process the models since the field of view does not cover this naturally with Matterport. Right now the balance to get the models back in a timely matter or have this, I would opt out. This is just my thought, if it did not impact processing time and or cost it might be a good option.

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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
Ron: Good points. If it affected turn around time, I could see it being a point of contention. What if it only took an additional 30 minutes, or what if this feature as well as other future features were a second-pass -- wherein our tours were available and Matterport then queued our tours for mastering with this feature among others... for instance, if we ever get to do color correction, removing the camera from mirrors, etc, then our tours would be subjected to a second process (unless showcase would just map a layer over the mirror in real time and adjust the pictures in realtime with filters -- which WebGL can easily do)...

Still, I would love this feature. I think it would remove another point of comparison with DSLR 360s.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
I totally agree if it would not extend processing time, but like you said if it could do that, then a simple skin or mask for the camera in the mirror would be great or a slight color adjustment here or there would be another great feature.

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