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Marketing & MP promotion Ideas for Agents1114

cdpmedia private msg quote post Address this user
Hi MUG and happy holidays!
A large customer asked me to recommend two things:
1) How to leverage using the Tours to promote her brand and capture listings and
2) how to improve the visibility of the Tours on her existing websites and really exploit the visual impact of the feauture.

Ive been digging back through the forum for threads on this and not really coming up with too much where a single resource /location has a list of great example marketing and promotion of the latest greatest real estate agent marketing examples.
Can anybody recommend a good resource or examples (or a thread I cant find) ?
Many thanks
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Dennis_N private msg quote post Address this user
The market is still pretty young where I am as well. Looking forward to answers on this one.
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cswartz private msg quote post Address this user
I am looking for the same kind of material. I just received my camera yesterday.
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Dennis_N private msg quote post Address this user
For outside the web promotion (although that is not what you asked), I remember someone suggesting QR codes on signs outside the property for passing by buyers to look at the 3D Showcase any time of the week.
Too bad QR codes have passed their prime. But still, a shortened link on a printed flyer could do.
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WP3D Models
ThreeSixty Tours
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Promoted Post


Hey guys,

I haven't chimed in for awhile but this topic covers exactly what I focused on in WP3D Models v2, the WordPress + Matterport Plugin we created.

I spent months working on the newest version (v.2) and most of the new features were specifically designed to help you help agents better promote their properties.

Each model you add generates a number of different views, each one of which is meant to have value to a different audience.

NOTE: All of what is demonstrated below is generated from the same model this can be assembled VERY fast and add a lot of value as part of your deliverable to your clients.

ALSO NOTE: Each model can be branded with your photo/scanning company logo OR you can overwrite the branding with your client's logo.


Every model gets this custom "skinned" view to be populated with photos/video/floorplans/etc. and then shared with your client. For even more value, you could purchase an inexpensive domain name and forward it to this "view" as part of your package.

Here's an example:

STANDARD VIEW (Your site's theme)






WP3D Models comes with a unique solution for sharing your models to be embedded on client's/agent's pages. This customization allows you to keep all branding intact, inside the embed AND drives traffic back to your own site/domain.

Here's an example of a model from @DanSmigrod's site, embedded on


Here's a few more examples of how others are using things:

Skinned Model w/Client Logo Override:

Standard Model w/Client Logo Override & Matteport Co-brand:

Standard Page w/company Branding:

Skinned Page w/company Branding:

Another Standard Page w/company Branding:

Another Skinned Page w/company Branding:



Another big new feature in v2 is the ability to add Agent content, separate from the Model itself.

Screenshots of this here:

This way you can easily associate the people you work with regularly AND the "skinned" view automatically creates a lead generation form that sends messages directly to any/all associated agents...additionally, agent information is still seen on all embedded views (see the link above, and click on the "phone" icon).

View this in action on this "skinned" view (scroll down), where I've added myself as an "agent":


There are lots more DEMOS on our site and I can share other "real world" examples if anyone is interested.

If you happen to be ready to purchase, here's a link!

Sorry for the long reply & happy holidays!

Ross Peterson
WP3D Models
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WGAN Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Promoted Post


I am real estate agent example (English, USA)


And, Happy Holidays to you (all) too.

@rpetersn did a great job describing how to activate Matterport 3D Showcases ... on Steroids.

Please also see the Matterport 3rd Party Solutions Directory for additional inspiration such as floor plans and videos created from the Matterport 3D Showcase tours. These are great ways to enhance the 3D tours.

This post is about helping your agent:

✓ win more listings
✓ get more buyer leads
✓ get more seller leads

Members of the We Get Around Referral Network - like you - can order two free custom marketing videos:

1. one for the photographer
2. one for a real estate agent client

For example, @Drew, a Member of both the MUG Forum and We Get Around Referral Network has asked us to create two videos for his Stuart, Florida based-companies:

1. one for his Brokerage company, Drew Pittman Realty
2. one for his Matterport biz, 3D Imaging Group

In this MUG Forum thread - Real Estate Pros - Free Custom Marketing - @Queen_City_3D asked if we would provide a male real estate cartoon character, so we expedited the video (above) so we would have examples of both female and male real estate agent cartoon characters.)

For real estate brokers that are We Get Around Referral Network Members, the broker can license customized versions for each agent here.

Then, use this order form to request the customizations - one form for each agent. (Password)

By the way, we do offer the We Get Around Referral Network photographer and real estate agent videos in languages other than English (USA).

Below is a custom marketing video for @Noel with Top Snap Upper Coomera in the Gold Coast in Australia. While it is English, the audio is professionally recorded with an Aussie accent.

While English (USA) are free to create and free to use while a We Get Around Referral Network month-to-month Member, other languages (and accents) are free too (when pre-paying for the first 12 months of Basic, Standard or Premium monthly membership). Pre-payment also includes some additional benefits.

(For languages other than English, we ask the client to do the translation and match the length of each line so that the voiceover matches the existing video.)

Clear as mud?

Happy holidays,


I am a Matterport Pro Example ...
Australia (English with an Aussie accent)

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cdpmedia private msg quote post Address this user
Merry Christmas and thank you for taking the time to post. What I see above is very helpful for upselling the realtor more stuff but what I was hoping to see is some examples of actual realty sites that do an excellent job of both showcasing MP tours prominantly and also 'selling' MP tours as a reason to let that realtor get the listing. Sadly, I am unable to see any good inspiration of that, I was hoping they would be plentiful and I seem to be able to find zero.
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