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Crossing a line???1104

pixelray private msg quote post Address this user
Would contacting an active home seller via postcard with an introduction of Matterport/my services be crossing a line?? What about direct contact - calling/knocking? My thinking is if that the seller sees this and loves it, they will obviously demand it from their agent - then give them my contact info - yeah, I could see it getting ugly from there, but is it crossing any lines ethically??? I know contacting sellers of realtors when being another Realtor is a "no no" (I'm not an agent). Just curious if you all are contacting sellers directly as a service provider. Any input would be appreciated and esp if someone has taken this approach.
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tradetickers private msg quote post Address this user
no. it's business and there's nothing wrong with that approach. we are supposed to be living in a free country free markets and all that bs, right...what could possibly be illegal about it. i know it's hard to tell legal vs illegal nowadays, as government has made virtually everything illegal and forces you to get a license to make it "legal". it's absolutely ridiculous we put up with their crap.
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pixelray private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah, your'e right. We put up with a lot.

I'm just thinking in my head that going straight to the source has to be the best way...I just worry about possibly hurting relationships in the process. To this point I have stayed away from going that route b/c I worry about:

I can hear it now "can you believe this guy contacted my seller directly!!"

But hey, I gotta feed the kids.
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tradetickers private msg quote post Address this user
try not to deal from a position of fear. it's just business. everyone contacts sellers for various things. they're fair game.
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StevenHattan private msg quote post Address this user
If you're a Realtor just be careful as to not giving any indication you're trying to solicit or position yourself in that capacity.

I am a Realtor and let agents know that so they don't necessarily feel obligated to have to let me in the property...I can do it myself. I also let them know I don't do sales any longer, just the legal side.
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
What exactly has government actually made "illegal" that impacts you (or us)?
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pixelray private msg quote post Address this user
Harlan - that's a loaded question. lol. Probably better for a political thread. I shouldn't have brought up legality - obvious it's not illegal for me to send a postcard - I will correct that.

I just want to know who's taking this approach. I do worry about ethical approaches and I thought this may be one. I remember when I was a realtor, I wouldn't want anyone contacting my seller directly. It's definitely a protective relationship.

Thanks Steven.
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Showcas3D private msg quote post Address this user
so you win one seller while possibly losing a Realtor that would possibly bring you repeat business time and time again? burn that bridge with 1 realtor who is part of a brokerage with other Realtors and then you lose the business of all the Realtors in the brokerage.

I've been in the mortgage business for 7+ years and one thing I've learned is you don't bite the hand that feeds you. also, if things go sour/bad in a transaction, they don't just blow it off and tell no one. so is it crossing the line, possibly. is it bad for business, I'd say yes.

why not solicit to potential sellers and deliver a listing, aka paycheck, to a real estate agent and educate them about 3d tours at the same time? u don't just win 1 listing, you win an influencer that brings you repeat business over and over and can spread how awesome your company is to other agents.

remember, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar
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smcclell private msg quote post Address this user
I started a thread on the subject here if you wanted some more info.

In the end I think it is fine but make sure to use tact when you do it. There will undoubtedly be agents that might get upset but others that will remember you to use next time because they actually like it and can see how the owners like it.
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StevenHattan private msg quote post Address this user
I had an 'issue' with a Realtor.

She keeps sending me her listings through some email program. When I get one I respond that this property would be a great one for a walk through.

She never responds to my reply of her unsolicited email.

So, I decided to be a bit aggressive and the next email she sent with a new listing I told her I was going to contact the seller directly for a scan.

Lo and behold....she wrote back immediately and said "Don't contact my sellers." I thought that was a horrible response. She's spamming me with unsolicited emails and now she wants to get pissy?

So, I wrote her back and told her I wasn't asking permission that I INFORMING HER and if she did anything to hinder my ability to build my business I would put in an ethics complaint and name both her and her broker.

I explain that I have every right as a service provider to contact whoever I want, just like an attorney can, a moving company can, a staging expert can, etc.

I explained my relationship as a service provider did not include her and I was extremely firm in my position and my attitude.

That smug Realtor did a 180 degree about face and said, "Well, I said not to contact my seller because you'll have a better chance at getting business by going through the Realtor." HA! Yeah...that's what you meant.

I was able to turn things around so there was no animosity between us as it wasn't my goal to have an enemy.

Finally, had I not turned this around this agent would still have not told a single fellow Realtor something bad about me or my company. Even if she did there are 29,999 other Realtors to market to.

Realtors are lazy...super lazy people. They don't have the energy or desire to put effort into bad mouthing a service...especially if they have to go out of their way to do it.

The bottom line is if I did or didn't contact a home owner directly, it would have NOTHING to do with what a Realtor may think or do.

As the old saying goes...bad publicity is still publicity. :-)
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
@pixelray Why not start with For Sale By Owner listings (i.e., those sellers trying to sell on their own without the help of a REALTOR)? That way you're accomplishing your main goal of getting directly to the Seller, and there's no agents to get upset about anything.
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CLE3D private msg quote post Address this user
Haha, this is a great thread. We are currently working on a good way to contact owners and sellers to educate them about our services and to ask for a scan done of their house from their agent and I will certainly be sending out mailers/emails to the sellers directly. I really think this is a great way for the agents to really see the benefit the tours will bring and how much interest there is.
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