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Seventhsunrise private msg quote post Address this user

Has anyone run into concerns about capturing camera locations in casino conference rooms (not casino floors)? Does anyone have a conference room sample?

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Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
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Hi Steve @Seventhsunrise

Here are five examples. If they are not what you are looking for, can you describe in a different way?

Because you are a Premium Member in the We Get Around Referral Network, I can provide you with non-branded versions of these three (embed code for your website or a self-launching link to email to a client). Details About Free Use | More Non-Branded Examples

We have not created Matterport 3D Showcases at Casinos (yet).

We have created Matterport 3D Showcase tours in spaces with security cameras.

Happy holidays,


P.S. Simple PM me if you would like embed code for the generic versions of these three or of the other examples ...





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Seventhsunrise private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Dan. Much appreciated.
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