If you are reading this – and not a Member of the Matterport User Group Forum – you are not alone.

While we have nearly 800 MUG Forum Members in 45 countries, on any given day, as many as four times as many non-Members view MUG Forum discussions.

My guess is that ...

1. You are thinking about buying a Matterport Camera
2. You just bought a Matterport Camera
3. You ran into a problem and searched and found MUG
4. You want to buy or sell a used Matterport Camera
5. You are comparing different, related solutions
6. You heard about Matterport and are researching ...
7. You are a financial analyst studying the space
8. You are a member of the media researching an article
9. You are scanning for Matterport Pro Wanted Notices
10. You are wondering about gear and accessories to buy
11. You are trying to locate a Matterport Pro in your city

Here are 10 Reasons to Join the MUG Forum Community:

1. It's free
2. You can post questions
3. You can answer questions
4. You can Private Message (PM) a Member
5. You receive a free MUG Forum monthly Newsletter that often has private offers from Matterport 3rd Party Solutions Providers
6. The MUG Forum monthly Newsletter often has content about marketing that is not discussed in the MUG Forum
7. It's nice to be part of a (very helpful, positive) community
8. Get special offers for the We Get Around Referral Network
9. Join the Matterport User Group Forum Movement
10. Bonus: you can promote you Matterport 3rd Party solution to MUG Members with Promoted Posts (Ad Guidelines)
11. Bonus: You can help sponsor the monthly MUG Forum (and We Get Around Referral Network monthly newsletters)

Members. Please think about when you joined. Are there other reasons to Join the MUG Forum?