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Suggested Wordpress Theme?1012

HortonTeam private msg quote post Address this user
I am wanting to use WP3D Models plug-in for my
new Matterport camera. I also am needing new
IDX providers that will work with me hosting
my own wordpress sites?

Which wordpress theme do you suggest for IDX,
WP3D Models, reliability, visual look, etc...?
and mobile responsive.

I am going to host three wordpress websites on
Webhosting Pad, where I have SSL Certificates
and have other videos on Amazon play on my
websites with the Simple Video Pro plug-in.

Keller Williams is transitioning all of the kw
agents from Market Leader and Wolfnet
over to Placesetter wordpress sites.

Placesetter said they are not allowing agents
to add plug-ins. We will have limited access
and not be able to install our own plug-ins.

Thanks in advance.

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3rd Party
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
@HortonTeam Thanks for posting this.

I too am curious what WordPress themes others on the forum are drawn to and have had good luck with, especially with re: to using WP3D Models. While almost any theme should work with our plugin (some may need a little CSS customization, or WordPress "hook" tweak) we'd like to assemble a list of those that are "recommended".

Thanks in advance,

Ross Peterson
WP3D Models
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franmts private msg quote post Address this user
Creativo works great.
Check mine: www.iTeleport.com.br
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Jake private msg quote post Address this user
I recently used "X" theme here: http://www.pdxpics.com/3838-sw-scholls-ferry/

Without using any additional plugins, the Matterport tour is fully responsive and looks great across all browsers and screen sizes. I simply used http://embedresponsively.com/ to help format the Matterport embed code. Obviously WP3D Models offers a ton of extended functionality (I'll probably grab it soon for my main website), but for just a single property site I don't need it.

As for IDX, there are more than 60 of them on ThemeForest. Here is a link for their Real Estate specific Wordpress themes: http://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/real-estate

I've helped a couple agents in the past get IDX feeds setup, but a lot has changed since. I know you'll probably need a subscription to some sort of IDX feed to get all the data brought in correctly. But once you do, it'll look great!
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RenderingSpace private msg quote post Address this user
We build Single Property Websites for photographers all over the country. We're in the process of developing several different style options to showcase the different media components of a listing.

Here's some examples:

I also do custom Wordpress Websites for businesses.
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