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Matterport dollhouse Resolution difference4123

meligen private msg quote post Address this user
The Matterport dollhouse showing a big difference between Matterport App and Safari web browser.

In Matt. app it is wonderful something happened with the dollhouse models, that wasn't such high quality like today, but when I try to copy the link and open in safari i see the old lower resolution dollhouse modell.

What do you think? Please check the two pictures about the same modell.

The first in Matt. App the second from safari.

I need that beautiful high resolution in safari and on my website!

Anybody has an advice?

Thank You very Much!

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meligen private msg quote post Address this user
Please anybody send me a solution!
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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
@meligen Matterport prepared two sets of texture for their dollhouse show. One 3D model in dollhouse required some pieces of texture depend on the size and complex of the area.

Matterport APP is always using the full resolution texture (2048 x 2048).

For browser showcase it will load full resolution textures by default on PC.

If you are using mobile browser (limited to the frame rate performance) it will load full resolution texture by default either but will turn to load the low resolution textures (512 x 512) if the total texture qty is more than 10pcs.
Otherwise the frame rate of showcase in mobile browser will become very low.

Matterport showcase has below warning: "Model probably too large for mobile, turning down quality." and "Galaxy S6 cannot handle large textures, turning down quality."

Solution will be use PC to show it or make the showcase not too big(<10 pieces of textures).

The number 10 maybe not the exact number, I remembered it was 10.
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