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Threads tagged with 'Trim'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
How the Window Trim Tool Saved My Life DanSmigrod 8 23 daysTosolini (2107): @dansmigrod I'm not sure what's the best solution to make lots of tags fit. Baking the labels in the image (through drawing / post-it notes) is one way (as suggested by @Shakoure). The absence of labels on tags invites the user to discover what they are, but there is only so much exploration that we can ask users to do before they move on. Customizable tags might be another way. Today we can only choose a color, tomorrow we might be able to...
Have you tried a Matterport"trim sandwich"? DanSmigrod 2 6 monthsTrustedPhotoDC (778): yes, I don't like the teleport look that you experience when walking through the "sandwich". Also if you look closely, the dollhouse view will no longer be open in the sandwich, but replace by an image.
Idea: Mesh Object removal. Metroplex360 4 10 monthsVTLV (1078): You guys got the Beach Boys song stuck in my head now. Lol. "Wouldn't it be nice?". I got spray from a mirror or radiant barrier in the sliding door making a balcony look like crud in the dollhouse.
Wish List: Matterport Trimming Tools DanSmigrod 5 10 monthsfrstbubble (550): Big thumbs up on being able to trim in the cloud! More and more of us are using other MSPs to service our customers in different area's making this very important.
How to improve the Matterport Dollhouse View DanSmigrod 13 11 monthsBiggles (43): Thanks Dan, I'll keep playing with it and see how I go. I updated 30 models last week, some were fine, some not. I'll see if there are any standouts but in the meanwhile I've updated one in particular that wasn't working this morning and will let you know how I go. Chris
Ugly doll house Radie842 2 1 yearQueen_City_3D (1645): It needs a few additional scans and some additional trimming. I'd suggest one or 2 more scans in the mechanical/furnace room, even if those scans are later deactivated, and 1 more scan in the upstairs bedroom where the black spot shows on the floor plan view. It looks like that's where the camera was positioned and so it didn't have that area scanned. Same thing...
Ceiling height and trim jntooker 3 2 yearsjntooker (109): Thanks @danmorell, I will try that. I wonder if maybe I can temporarily move the suspect scans one at a time to a different floor temporarily - in theory, I should be able to see which scan is offending. I have a bad feeling the offending scan is the one directly in front of the front door, though, and in that case if I delete it I will have no circle at the entrance. :( I may just have to live with it.
Trim 3Dwalkmethru 6 2 years3Dwalkmethru (286): Thanks
I can't get back in the house!! jntooker 13 2 yearsMarcel (337): Solution that worked for me. (credit to Matterport support team). - Make a duplicate of the model in your iPad’s Matterport Capture App. - Using the Trim Marking tool, create two trim markings the width of the doorframe- one on either side of the doorway threshhold, facing one another (set to remove with the arrow in one another’s direction ><. - Upload. - Once processed, investigate thoroughly and check your dollhouse to see if it...
3D space blotchy and messed up BabluN 12 2 yearsJonJ (1378): Here is something i wrote in a previous thread about windows. There are a number of reasons to mark windows that are apparent in the final product. 1) If you mark the window, in the dollhouse view, the image on the window will be fixed. It will not change as though you are able to look through the window into the yard or patio space. This would be the desired effect if there are no scans on the opposite side of the window. If the window was...
Dollhouse View lisahinson 5 2 yearslisahinson (763): oh, ok - She didn't have a blind or curtain in the entire downstairs. Thanks Gus.
Editing - New Black spots on Windows why? walk360 9 2 yearswalk360 (43): Thanks for your recommendations JonJ and Pirusan! The extra scans we did was to covered some black spaces on the iPad so the Dollhouse will look perfect... yes it took us an extra hour to do those but one of our selling strategies are the dollhouses and we like them to be as close to perfect as possible. Like you both said, at this point I'll be trinng anything I can to make those black holes look better. thanks,
Trimming BabluN 5 2 yearsdanmorell (73): Hi - How tight do you trim? I've seen it noted not to trim to close as it will effect or cut up the walls of the tour. In turn, I've been hesitant to trim too tight and effect the walls. Thank you for your feedback!
Can I empty a room? overview 3 2 yearsoverview (4): I was hoping for a solution that works within the current MP farmework. Has anyone tried trimming inwards?
Wish List: Trim the Ceiling RenderingSpace 8 2 yearsRenderingSpace (604): Here's a good example of why you'd want to trim the ceiling. The dining room ceiling is one gigantic mirror! Impossible to trim.
Changing start location of tour justinS 4 3 yearsjessetutt (67): Make sure all the lights are on. The lighting isn't that good in the space. I find the blue led lights make the spaces look harsher than they are so lighting can be an issue. I wish I had the basement during my college years!
What's the average processing time? CarlosFHdz 11 3 years3dHouseScan (52): UPDATE: After 12 hours of processing and emailing/calling Matterport, my model is complete! Weird part is, I didn't receive an email saying that the model is ready to view. Oh well. When it doubt, reach out.. to Matterport.
Failed to Generate from Scan NoRC 15 3 yearsNoRC (16): Well thought I would post an update, I sent Matterport an email about the issue. They duplicated the job 4 times, of that 2 actually rendered out and are now available while 2 others failed. So at least the issue is their end and not the upload/shoot. Will post more as I find out.
First scan advice and observations... Lbelland 9 3 yearsRenderingSpace (604): Great Job. I'm a big fan of keeping the camera height around 5' or lower and it looks like you did it just right.
Some scans not registering? EricThomas 5 3 yearsEricThomas (172): The area I am having trouble with is an outdoor covered patio. Sun was going down and this patio is huge...Its about 12-15ft wide and the covered ceiling is about 12ft high. So there was plenty of shade in my opinion, but Im guessing I was wrong. The funny thing is once I use the dollhouse view to access those points I can move freely between them. If I want to come back inside the house I am unable to reach the scan closest to the door but...
Glass Walls Issue?? CharlieB 23 3 yearsTim (355): Many scans at many different heights...
First Complete Test Scan 5000+ sq ft EscapeVelocity 2 3 yearsEscapeVelocity (25): Support responded that there's a bug in the trim tool. Engineering is going to look into the tearing issue.
Trimming Your Models? Artifacts in Dollhouse CharlieB 11 4 yearsCharlieB (73): ccctucker, Thanks....I understand the error of my ways now....:)) I just thought that you only needed to trim it if you saw artifacts in the floor plan view. Now I know better....appreciate it.
A New Scan Question CharlieB 8 4 yearsGarySnyder (1342): Just got back from a job but I'm still using the old app until Matterport give the all clear. Rpetersn, welcome on board. Once I know that the new app is working without a hitch then I'll try as Charlie and you suggest not marking the windows or just trimming them to see how they look.