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Sharing Video to Promote Matterport Services GeorgeK 1 1 dayGeorgeK (835): I have suggested this and now heard someone is doing it. Here is another way to build your Matterport business that is NO COST and works. Really it is just common sence if you do not have the money for video productions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMCyoYTVQ_Q
Realtor Said Happy Holiday with Matterport GeorgeK 1 3 daysGeorgeK (835): This Realtor took video and Matterport and made a killer Christmas Card ad, in only 45 Seconds. https://youtu.be/0u15YUrnoQg
Leverage Video to Serious Growth - Very + GeorgeK 1 5 daysGeorgeK (835): I have at times felt a resistance to use Video to promote Matterport, but that spans many small business industries, including Real Estate. This video shows how I "tell a story" and at the same time help my REALTOR Association. This could be a great way to get in front of a lot of Realtors, fast. There are just so may good things that can come out of VIDEO PROMOTION. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wls-Y0WyKk4&t=7s
Facetime Every Realtor in Your Area 60 sec. GeorgeK 1 7 daysGeorgeK (835): Not to long ago, in an interview with @DanSmigrod here at WGAN, I talked about doing "Realtor Service Announcements" for the local Association. This is a great way to get into favor and be allowed to present to large member meetings. Now I do not need to do that in my own Association, seeming how I was /am a Realtor of the Year but, it never hurts to hold strong industry ties. I did this video with a buddy, you may want to...
The Strength of Matterport 17 seconds video GeorgeK 6 10 daysGeorgeK (835): @Bycha... thank you for the nice comment.... I am always thinking of ways to bring a difference with quality... I am going to expand of this.. .I feel a vlog entry.... Subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you do not miss it. Http://Youtube.com/GeorgekennerRealtor. Again, Thank you G.
Official MP & Custom Sign Riders! ArtisticConcepts 7 12 daysArtisticConcepts (445): @coulee360, great question! The standard signs we are shipping now are printed directly onto 3mil coroplast and are 6” high by 24” long. They come with 4 1/4” eyelets and rounded corners. They were designed to be as versatile as possible. When we roll out the new custom signs in January, we are also going to offer the option for regular square corners as well as the option to purchase with top only, bottom only, or no eyelets for clients...
Tell a Story for sales results - Matterport GeorgeK 1 12 daysGeorgeK (835): This could be my best story yet for Matterport, there is not the Traditional intro approach but it sure conveys that MATTERPORT and great advertising can be for EVERY HOME! Let me know your opinions. https://youtu.be/h7FuAODysbA
Fast Growning VLOG and Matterport TRENDING GeorgeK 2 16 daysGeorgeK (835): Someone who also follows me on Instagram suggested that I share the very short instgram promo I did for this episode. This will bring more traffic to the video and shows the greater overall advertising promotion possibilities. https://youtu.be/qKDim8KmIMo
Build Advertising In Slow Periods GeorgeK 1 21 daysGeorgeK (835): This is 93 seconds start to end. Looks like the "FULL ON HOLIDAYS" are here. History calls this the slow season for Real Estate so time to work on ads. This is part of a Youtube Channel Build out. It is the Channel Introduction / Trailer to get more people to join the channel. Some home sellers start the shopping process for Realtors months before they go on the market. I want to give them a location to remember by...
Look for Vlog Idea - Youtube Subscribe Link GeorgeK 1 24 daysGeorgeK (835): If you are using Youtube as a promotional tool would you like to know how to get this link so people go straight to your channel and subscribe? Here is the the link sample. https://goo.gl/U8RWkx If you want to know this just let me know... I am about 50/50 of doing this topic.
No 1 Sells 2 Realtors Like Realtors 20sec. GeorgeK 2 25 daysjudysmithre (79): Well done!
Share Matterport Video w/ Realtors -It works GeorgeK 1 29 daysGeorgeK (835): Just got a call from someone that picked up a scan client by sharing one of my videos. Showing Realtors what other Realtors is doing is powerful. They do not want to be the last person to have something, if they consider themselves leaders in their area. I am trying to do two Vlog entries a week you may want to subscribe as I try and build the MATTERPORT influence. Please share these videos. https://youtu.be/OdDW4lEl2YU
Propertyguys and Matterport Liam_Tayler 3 1 monthLiam_Tayler (10): Hi there, That would be great and certainly a perfect market for us. I have seen that some properties have links to my.matterport.com pages, but is there a way to integrate them? Is there a specific contact I could talk to about the integration on your website? Yours, Liam
Can "Cardboard" be used 2 promote Matterport GeorgeK 1 1 monthGeorgeK (835): This is one of my vlog entries to promote Matterport and VR to both the Realtor and Public. Do you figure you could hand these to a client / Realtor and get them to use this video. https://youtu.be/rGkJ_8Wiw-g
One Picture tells Story - Thumbnail 4 Utube GeorgeK 2 1 monthGeorgeK (835): Just established my own custom URL on Youtube for my channel. You can see all my work at Http://Youtube.com/georgekennerrealtor
Rounded Approach Matterport and Video GeorgeK 1 1 monthGeorgeK (835): Matterport Service Providers of course have a big target audience of REALTORS but getting this REALTOR / Industry is adopt the service is hard. Pointing to who the digital arts are being used by the "LEADERS" could swing things around. Being a Broker I use all the Digital tools and share that Nationally and have a small international following. Here is one of my videos. I may be worth watching or following. Just like you...
What to put in a Promo Video to Agents GeorgeK 2 1 monthjustinv (1000): I am not sure what to highlight but I spoke to a builder the other day and he never heard of it. This is a high-end builder that sells homes over 4x the average price. I showed him an example, so hopefully he will bite? So, I guess a basic video introducing the technology and why they should use it. I honestly believe that this technology and matterport hasn't reached the "tip of iceberg" yet because most people have never heard...
Matterport Vid U want 2 share with Realtors GeorgeK 3 1 monthGeorgeK (835): @grmngrl Here was my consideration of time and audience. You already know this information so it is boring to you, which translates to I lose you before the end. But if you did not know about Matterport you would be more glued to the screen. This was crafted with a target audience in mind. Realtors who do not use video. So far this morning my phone has been going nuts with REALTORS saying OMG, what are you doing. This is a tool that...
Fast Promo Video for Relaunch - Realtor Vlog GeorgeK 1 1 monthGeorgeK (835): My Realtor Vlog on Youtube continues to grow and tomorrow I am doing a relaunch with some more features added to the mix. I put this very short 12 second video up in social media and it is getting great play on Instagram and Facebook... maybe you will see and idea in this. Tomorrow I will launch a new optimized video. It will have about ever optimization in it that I can think of. https://youtu.be/8SnsrSLwOl8
Won a Listing with Matterport and Free AVI GeorgeK 1 1 monthGeorgeK (835): It was a pretty good day yesterday [Thursday, 2 November 2017] presented a listing with Matterport and won the listing. Still trying to hit my goal of 100 subscribers on Youtube so I pushed a little humor in my last Realtor Vlog. OF COURSE I mentioned and showed Matterport in the video to continue informing my peers about Matterport. Feel Free to share this video with Realtors in your area. Could open some doors for you. ...
1st Live Podcast was HERE @ WGA -Volg entry GeorgeK 2 1 monthDanSmigrod (13093): WGAN-TV Live at 5: San Diego-Based REATOR Broker George Kenner on Creating and Using Video @GeorgeK Thank you for being a guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5. We covered a lot of ground: ✓ why video is a must ✓ gear ✓ post production software ✓ workflow And, many examples. Thanks again, Dan P.S. I look forward to chatting with you again on WGAN-TV Live at 5.
George Kenner Brings up closing technique GlennTremain 2 1 monthGeorgeK (835): If you want oats for your horse sir, they are 5 dollar a bag. If you want oats that have been through the horse already, they are cheaper. You have to show the value of your oats. Thank you for the nice words, Glenn. g.
Best REALTOR Promo Video For Matterport yet? GeorgeK 1 2 monthsGeorgeK (835): This is my most recent attempt to bring awareness of Matterport to PUBLIC (first) and then Realtors. At least as I see it REALTORS are far to frugal when it comes to Marketing. But that is just my opinion. Without much more delay here is the video. https://youtu.be/QcderBEIiAk
Equal Opportunity Motion Graphic Free & Scan GeorgeK 2 2 monthsGlennTremain (994): If you tie your youtube channel to your google my business account you can get one faster. To have a custom url you have to have 500 fans unless there has been recent changes I don't know about
Matterport Video Share with Realtors GeorgeK 5 2 monthsGeorgeK (835): Judy when my peers made me "REAL-TOR" of the YEAR... they gave me a waiver...and oddly my clients have never complained....lol.. And I have to fight not to say realtEr... When I was a mortgage banker this lady got all over me for saying Real TER... I will never forget that. If she spend more time instead of being the word police she may have sold something.
Alway and I mean always Sneek in Matterport GeorgeK 2 2 monthsDanSmigrod (13093): @GeorgeK Nice hat. Amazing that just 9 percent of real estate agents use video. Keep those videos coming! Great inspiration. Best, Dan
Matterport NOT @ So. Cal. Realtor Convention GeorgeK 2 2 monthsDanSmigrod (13093): @GeorgeK Your Mom must be proud of you (and thankful that you for the trash pickup Wednesday). Thanks for sharing your video. Everyone should be doing videos :cool: Another reason to shoot video with a smartphone when attending an event. Dan
Reaching out to your Clients with Video? GeorgeK 1 2 monthsGeorgeK (835): Are any MSP using video to communicate with they clients on a regular basis and if not why not? Here is a message that I crafted to let my clients know I was changing some social media addresses. I try and make them with some ZIP or Bang to set myself apart from others who claim to be digital image experts... If we can not tell the story fast what kind of expert are we? https://youtu.be/BVZSXd_dn1s
Zillow creates new ‘3D Home’ iphone app iTours360VR 11 2 monthsfullpreview (154): @EileenB - what you have said is very true and practical, for Zillow. And, you're right - because of the simplicity of performing the video and its inherent "Zillow" value, it should be done... if for nothing else, it's a value proposition. For all the MSPs, please ALWAYS mentioned one, if not the best, USP for a Matterport Tour - dedicated property detail pages! These are the best way for an agent to market the property outside of...
Take Video Ideas from Hollywood - Stealing? GeorgeK 1 2 monthsGeorgeK (835): I am working on a video that is going to set forward my "unique value proposition" including Matterport. Watching an episode of the BBC Special "Sherlock" I got this idea to make it appear as if the computer was watching you. I put a Matterport video in this overlay. I have never put this much effort into a single ad and I am share the process and or segments. Here is a little tease of what I have planned but this is...
Problem with Multiple Scans for 1 space.... lcorbett 5 2 monthslcorbett (22): I think I will just have to re-shoot it for free...the problem is they have moved and now there is no furniture in the rooms already shot. :( I don't know if anyone else notices this, but with the Pro2, the pictures come out distorted when you try to get a good shot of a room. A countertop looks too long, one window looks bigger, etc. I fixed this on a few of the photos, but she was stating that they like the DSLR pictures that have the...
Look in 2 ways Digital Arts and Sales Video GeorgeK 1 2 monthsGeorgeK (835): As I see our industry both Digital Arts and Real Estate changing it is almost foolish to not be aware everything is going to change. My Matterport has paid for it's self and I think we are close to having something better from the TECHIE world. So I am looking a this in a Global manner, be aware and practice with all the equipment you have. NOT SALES, this is all about sales, if you are not providing something extra and unique you could...
Garage Studio Remodel Audience follow. GeorgeK 1 2 monthsGeorgeK (835): Youtube is very hard if not impossible to get followers (subscribers) for. But for REALTORS facebook is much easier and you can pay to direct your content. So most REALTORS go the Facebook route, includeing me. But so I can go back throught my library I post them on Youtube also. That way with just a tape on my phone I can blast our a video by text. Here is my last video as I finish the remodel of my garage studio. ...
Setting a GOAL and doing it with Video GeorgeK 2 3 monthsDanSmigrod (13093): @GeorgeK I always look forward to your videos. Thank you for your family's military service. I can not imagine what this episode must have been like for you to create. You inspire us all to create video. Best, Dan
mls listing and branded tour fotoguy 7 3 monthsfullpreview (154): Received this notification on Friday. This is from the largest MLS in Florida. Reminder: No Branding on Virtual Tours MFRMLS Compliance has noticed an uptick in violations related to branding on virtual tours. As a reminder, the rule regarding branding and virtual tours is: Article 4; Section 5; Item D: Photos, images or virtual tours may not contain company or agent logos, agent photos, commissions, bonuses, contact information for the...
Staying with what you enjoy - Digital Images GeorgeK 1 3 monthsGeorgeK (835): I love my Matterport and what it has added to my business, but before Matterport I was using video and frankly I still see it as more important for building confidence with a audience. A while ago I figured I would do a "SERIES" presentation to see if that changed my skill set and if I learned anything. This is Episode 4 of that Series, it is getting great play on Facebook so I figured I would share it with my Digital Artist...
Breaking the story down into small videos GeorgeK 2 3 monthslisahinson (763): cool GeorgeK !
New virtual tour platform jpuma 9 3 monthsjpuma (10): Thanks for the feedback everyone! In terms of the tour quality, it is all dependent on the quality of the photography and not on the platform processing - still testing out the best cameras/settings to use. 8k Insta360 example We are aiming to make Wizio the most automated virtual tour player on the market. That will mean automatically adding navigation points/hotspots, editing photos, creating floor plans etc. I will keep posting updates...
San Diego Realtor VLOG on Matterport GeorgeK 1 3 monthsGeorgeK (835): This is meant to be broadcast and was crafted so it could be shared with multiple audiences. Reality as I see it Matterport is not being used in my market place like it could be. Cost is the big factor with the Realtors that I talk to. They all want it but they want it for free. https://youtu.be/V6KbQIPk5uQ
CO OP Video ADS with REALTORS and Others GeorgeK 1 3 monthsGeorgeK (835): Lets talk SWAG. That free promotional stuff that can be slipped into videos. In this one I got a Title Company and Lender in. Of course they love this stuff and being nice always has its rewards. I am sitting down today to do a Matterport Specific Video for Realtors. We will see how that goes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dJCtWzVQfk
Sneek Matterport into all the VIDEOS. GeorgeK 1 4 monthsGeorgeK (835): Promote Promote Promote , did P.T. Barnum say that, if not he should have. I got away from sharing Matterport for about a month but I am sneeking it back into my videos slowly but surely. This is something I did for a Realtor Video Group that has members from all over the United States. So Matterport is getting some play. If we all promoted Matterport to the Public REALTORS would have not option but to provide it. Maybe our...
FRUSTRATION WITH REALTOR fotoguy 16 4 monthsBrianM (64): .
Back to Matterport Videos Stay with it! GeorgeK 2 4 monthsChadcloses (268): I want to put a great Matterport tour video to work, but I personally haven't found it to be up to the kind of quality that I would use to promote it. By that, I mean it's glitcy and blurry until it renders. im not saying this is a Matterport issue it's an apple issue. If apple gives up the ability to screen record on their next IOS release. I think our ability to produce high quality Matterport walk through videos to show to clients (real...
REALTORS Buy -Video,Drones, AdobeSpark GeorgeK 2 4 monthsRadie842 (199): I use Spark to make promos for my clients. It's easy to use.
3D Showcase Now - Pay At Closing for Realtor fullpreview 8 4 monthsfullpreview (154): @lhconn - the ability to charge a card on file is already authorized and we have this info because they have to put a 10% deposit down when ordering... see here: https://fullpreview.com/product/3d-full-preview-showcase-realtors-only/ image attached with clause in agreement http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/f43536eb5b4a6a453019ec732d93bfe4.png
Attorney Do I need 1? Drone manufacture GeorgeK 4 4 monthshometakes (709): Hi George, Im not saying that all of what you said isn't so and lots of Solo owners are going to be mad and maybe there is a class action suit brought forth. What I am saying to you, its not worth your time or energy seeking your own legal advice. Unless you have a friend that does this type of attorney work, its going to cost you at least $150 to talk about the possibility of a case. And if he tells you yes, you have a case, its not going...
Being around town - Background footage =$ GeorgeK 3 4 monthsGeorgeK (835): @tocha yea you busted me.....lol
Matterport Video Video Matterport whats next GeorgeK 6 4 monthsGeorgeK (835): @sailaway Eggs are good... Tortillas are "food of the gods".... who can go wrong with that...lol. Looking forward to seeing your video
What would you do? justinv 20 5 monthsjustinv (1000): @nat_vanveen The last great birthday I had was 21! Thanks for the wishes!
Call 4 HELP, Give The Help! FireDepartment GeorgeK 1 5 monthsGeorgeK (835): Not all of life has to be business. Matterport is as much an art as it is a science. I ran into this man, indirectly because of a fire hazard that was created by his property (home). So I figured maybe the power or video could help. He is going to lose his house if he does not get his act together and fast. So to try and keep the Fire Department / City off him for a little while and to show good will I am going to offer to Matterport...
DRONE That Matterport! AirStike? Get Even! GeorgeK 9 5 monthsBiggles (31): one of my brothers has a Mavic Pro, I'm very impressed with the simplicity of operation and particularly it's portability.
EPIC TERRIBLE 360 Video WHY? GeorgeK 2 5 monthsnat_vanveen (556): @GeorgeK I find the Ricoh Theta S video quality to be quite poor in general. I don't think I've seen it on any site looking good no matter where it's hosted... YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook...
Artistic or NOT - Matterport Price Fixing GeorgeK 1 5 monthsGeorgeK (835): I do not wish "BAD" upon anyone as people even companies do enough to bring bad upon them self. After all the PRICE FIXING and establishing value for Scans by mass advertising, well this if far from finished. Myself, I consider the "digital space" artistic opposed to being mechanical. I am not a plumber I do not put together pipes. I take digital images and tell a story. Thus I am a story teller. Here is part one...
giving realtor MP tour link? fotoguy 12 5 monthsDanSmigrod (13093): @stitchvr Please call your local MLS and let us know why. thanks, Dan
Prospects wanting to compete... LewisBishop 2 5 monthsdavidpylyp (178): Maybe I can borrow you camera just this once ...
Can Video Lead to More Matterport sales? GeorgeK 4 5 monthsGeorgeK (835): Thank you... they are fun to make... I just think story and bam... I do it...I may try and do one entirely from my cell phone.. just to prove it can be done.
Sell Tour from previous listing to new agent 3SixtyNow 8 5 monthsDroneGirl (16): I am a RE photographer as well as MP provider. Like photography, the Matterport providers (as well as MP) own the copyright. You have every right to sell any tour to another agent. We do it all the time with RE photos. In over 10 years as a high end photographer I have only had one agent request I not re-sell listing images for one particular property. I sell the images for the exact amount I charged the original agent. My clients know...
Video 2 promote General Knowledge Then Mat P GeorgeK 1 5 monthsGeorgeK (835): I want to sell Matterports in the worst way but adding other topics to the DIGITAL Menu is something that I am trying. This is a video to other Realtors who need services. This is, to keep this at 3 mins I had to leave out Matterport but I will get back to it. Enjoy the video, I have a video story boarded out to tell a story solely about Matterport it will be next up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Fowsw-xoys&feature=youtu.be
Licensing Agreement for every listing? 3SixtyNow 2 6 monthshometakes (709): No, not at all. It will annoy them if you kept on presenting them with that. Just do a blanket one to cover all tours you do for them.
Something 2 share with REALTORS Text Videos GeorgeK 4 6 monthsGeorgeK (835): @hometakes Yes, me get paid is better....lol....
New CartoBlue Blog CartoBlue 4 6 monthsNamecomingsoon (13): June 20ths post is incredible to me. Thanks for sharing. I'm good friends with a very successful developer. I'm sitting here laughing at how much better Retreats site is then his. Great job. I will forward to him.
Realtor Day in the Life Videos = Money GeorgeK 2 6 monthsDanSmigrod (13093): @GeorgeK Fun! :cool: Yes. I like getting to know you as a person ... Dan
BAD AUDIO-Really- Strikeback- more Bad Audio GeorgeK 5 6 monthsnat_vanveen (556): ps that Go Pro audio was indeed the worst
How I did my Video and the Video GeorgeK 10 6 monthsGeorgeK (835): Great Video... you are right your audio is crystal clear...Thus far I am disappointed in this Rode system. I am going to try some experiments with the sony mic I have, running it into the Rode system, and see if the mic is the weak link. Again thank you for input.
Animated Robot & Matterport Promote Realtor GeorgeK 1 6 monthsGeorgeK (835): Adobe has improved their Animated character program. I grabbed this Robot before he gets to well known and made a VERY FAST (under 20 second presentation) I played off the digital image "logic" meaning everything starts with an image in my Facebook Advertisement. I also started a "Realtor Only" Video Page on Facebook for people who are trying to learn more about video. We will see where that goes. If someone here wants...
Realtor.com is going to help us judysmithre 13 6 monthsViewing (580): We've built a 3D listings and bookings site for all of us. Sectors away from real estate will be monetised and proceeds shared 50/50 to start with then the more you list the bigger the share you get (Power Pros). It's worldwide and we need to populate the real estate category to build public interest to ensure all other categories like hotels, rentals etc have enough public awareness to get bookings. The exact workings will be revealed on...
Not enough Sellers to really grow Matterport GeorgeK 2 6 monthsDouglasMeyers (322): Maybe they should think about making the business they have now stronger which makes us better. Branding is the name of the game here not always being bigger is better since they really are missing the boast on taking care of us ...
Realtor E Mail Campaign - Just a part -Video GeorgeK 2 7 monthsbrett (10): Looks good but is missing the walk through Brett
Realtor E Mail Video Platforms GeorgeK 3 7 monthsDanSmigrod (13093): @GeorgeK :heart: :heart: :heart: it! Videos for all listings. Check. Address specific URLs for all listings. Check. Comfort level with shooting videos. Check. Best, Dan
6 Seconds 2 More Profit & Meet Realtor needs GeorgeK 3 7 monthsBycha (31): I agree, I would be willing to pay for it.
Humor to Promote Matterport in Video GeorgeK 2 7 monthsRadie842 (199): https://youtu.be/cSjHKmR0AtE
give realtors 2services Vid &Matterport cVid GeorgeK 4 7 monthsDaveFahrny (178): Thank You. I have everything except the Sony Lav. Love the videos. Great quality - Sound and Video.
Camera Cleaning with Dish SOAP & Matterport GeorgeK 4 7 monthsQueen_City_3D (1303): Well done! Not only were you able to clean the camera thoroughly, the bleach was a great disinfectant. :beer:
Slip Matterport in every time. Video GeorgeK 1 8 monthsGeorgeK (835): I bet this video gets a lot of attention as it talks about the Department of Real Estate sending fines to brokers for social media advertising. I figured out how to slip in Matterport. But I almost always do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmd4i56zoHQ&feature=youtu.be
Facebook vid with Matterport back to website GeorgeK 1 8 monthsGeorgeK (835): I take these videos and post them in two places. Youtube and Facebook. The Facebook versions run back to the active site. I mostly post them on Youtube for access and ease of forwarding them.. Here is one for a new listing. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWiO6hExvCsi7zxAD_97NDQ
Nothing 2 do with Matterport a RE Video GeorgeK 4 8 monthsGeorgeK (835): @dansmigrod thank you... that was a funny call also.
Keep up the Pressure for Exposure Video GeorgeK 3 8 monthsGeorgeK (835): @nat_vaneen thank you... I am trying a slightly new approach.... my video skills get better all the time... soon I will be more pleased with my presentations. Hope all is perfect for you.
Sneak Matterport into every Real Estate Vid GeorgeK 3 8 monthsGeorgeK (835): I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 .... just upgraded to it from an older version and its like learning it all over again. But I like it... thus far.
Is Video Part of your entire bus plan GeorgeK 1 8 monthsGeorgeK (835): I find that video is still a stronger more accepted image system for Realtors. I can see the day that changes but for right now I am stay with video presentations. This is a Facebook recruiting ad that goes to a landing page with a matterport and contact forms. The feedback on this one from my fellow Realtors has been positive. https://youtu.be/4oLAU3XdujU
PhotoUp and Matterport Snapshots examples foxwrth13 17 8 monthsDevonHiggins (76): Hi @PedroPretell, Yes, we certainly do! We do charge 3 credits for panorama stitching and editing. The cost per credit will range from $1-2 depending on what plan size you are using. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to message me directly at devon@photoup.net. Chat soon, Devon
Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow costs etc foxwrth13 3 8 monthsViewing (580): Would be really interesting to hear some examples from agents regards average monthly prices for Zillow etc. Here in the UK many agents (estate agencies) pay upwards of £1,000 pcm just to list on Rightmove.
Deleting Matterport Models on an iPad davidpylyp 5 8 monthsMetroplex360 (6346): @davidpylyp @Queen_City_3D Matterport has sent out several surveys over the past six months including potential features that MSPs would like to see. If I remember correctly, they've been polling MSPs to see how important restoring models from the Cloud would be. I'm hoping that everyone voted and continues to vote in future surveys for features like this!
Hype This is HYPE Set up for Matterport Vid GeorgeK 1 8 monthsGeorgeK (835): One of my friends did some Picture Hype and I figure ... moving picture HYPE is better... I am not going to put the story line on for the video.. but I bet I work in Matterport... you figure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDLkQ3Lp_xE
GO LONG Hail Mary of Matterport Promo Videos GeorgeK 4 8 monthsGeorgeK (835): I agree with the LONG Winded... but I think it has a place in the market.... I can think of several ways to leverage this. Please feel free to share it and give me any imput. We are on virgin Ground with this.... I broke my own rule and went more than a minute.... Cheer mate.
NY Times Take advantage with one min video GeorgeK 1 8 monthsGeorgeK (835): I figured I would jump on the news about the New York Times and Matterport and send it out to my peers in a Facebook ad... I just put these on youtube to share them with other people who miss the Facebook ads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki7o4Ijx3Nk&feature=youtu.be
Matterport Sign Riders foxwrth13 3 8 monthsfoxwrth13 (16): looks good thanks. I guess its a coin toss between getting the lead from the text and getting them to look at the tour url and contact the agent on their own
1 Min Promo Video Realtor dot com Matterport GeorgeK 1 8 monthsGeorgeK (835): I figure sharing this message will help both phases of my business. Real Estate Brokerage and Matterport and video for other agents. I try to never go over on min. This is running on facebook.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBTGW6zIatM
Realtor.com Listings add Matterport Spaces Gransky 14 9 monthsEricThomas (145): If you read the entire article it appears Zillow is hinting at their own 3D product they are developing....
Video I did 2 share the Realtor.com news VID GeorgeK 1 9 monthsGeorgeK (835): I figured this was good information to share so I sat down and knocked this out. I run all of these on Facebook so the click here is not active. I just put them on Youtube so I can share them with friends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cSeWb5g_4I&feature=youtu.be
Virtual tour experience and effectiveness Davimmo 4 9 monthsJC3DCX (793): One realtor use my services to enable him to get sole mandate listings, as well as bigger exposure to his high-end listings
Agent Recruiting & Video, Message Matterport GeorgeK 4 9 monthsNamecomingsoon (13): Wow this one was really good! Nice George!
realtor negative comments about Matterport ArchimedStudio 9 9 monthsjustinv (1000): I would ask him how many people does he show the home he has listed? I thought that was the reason why everyone wants to be selling agents and not buyers agents. They want to stick a sign in the yard and wait for it to sell? In my area, most don't even want to do open houses. I had an old man tell me about the same line. I would rather show it myself than have everyone looking at it online. I asked him if he puts pictures up or just a front...
moving to a selling tool for agents Joelbcollins 26 9 monthsGlennTremain (994): Even for a quick market you can convince selling AND buying agents to get a scan because it helps you farm the market that property is in. I have convinced buyer agents to get a matterport for a gated community that he wishes he had more listings in. His main competitor has just been there a long time but doesn't use matterport. Now that he has one matterport from a sale he was a buyer agent for he then got a listing there. Now he has two and...
Did Not See This One Coming jmprop 8 9 monthsjasondavidpage (64): MSP is a program geared for Matterport Service Providers - that being said, purchasing a camera for your own use wouldn't really make you a service provider - it would make you the end user. So far, all I have received by being an MSP is 4 leads, 3 of which were actually people who wanted more information about purchasing a system so Matterport sent them to me as a lead. The last lead was a real lead - but only 250 miles away. Not being approved...
CNN Coversge of Matterport. How old? justinv 3 10 monthsChemistrydoc (328): As a point of art, I would pop the Matterport showcases into another browser window....but other than that, the message is just as fresh today as when the CNN Money article came out (2015, I believe)
Get more clients to help you GlennTremain 1 10 monthsGlennTremain (994): In previous posts I talked about getting the agent or business owner to stand next to the camera. This talks about how to get most of your client base to do it. https://www.facebook.com/NailSoupMedia/videos/10155167057486554/ By creating a photo silhouette next to the camera and then with something like "You Here" then something like "You use Matterport Marketing....why not let your prospective clients know it? Have us...
Sneaking Matterport into all my videos GeorgeK 1 10 monthsGeorgeK (835): I have found that sneaking Matterport into all my videos seems to gain me more attention with other Realtors. I never go over 1 minute and each of my videos go to a new feel. This one starts and ends with some laughing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBxNOXauciY
Office Promotion Video Matterport Capture GeorgeK 3 10 monthsWilmer (7): Nice Job.
Can I clone a scan? jmprop 3 11 monthsjmprop (52): Easy enough even for a newbie! Thanks JC3DCX,
Virtual staging AAS 7 11 monthsneeravbm (28): I am curious whether home buyers would like to see their own furniture staged virtually? Currently it's probably too expensive because it's manual but in future, if matterport could place the buyer's furniture staged in VR by click of a button, do you think it will increase inclination for the buyer to buy?
Promote it Video Brokerage & Matterport GeorgeK 3 11 monthsGeorgeK (835): RGO... this was designed to RUN on Facebook with a link installed on the page. The same link was in the written part of the Youtube post. I do not really post stuff on Youtube trying to get exposure, rather just be able to share. Here is the link to the landing page. http://NoteForward.com/invite
Matterport Tours and more "Personality"? Joelbcollins 8 11 monthsjfantin (1147): Thank you @Metroplex360. You are very generous sharing your knowledge with us.
Matterport Marketing Materials for a Broker htimsabbub23 3 11 monthsDanSmigrod (13093): @htimsabbub23 1. Imagine the broker using his smartphone to show this video, customized with his contact info and logo. (Or, to send it as a follow-up) Since you are a Basic Member of the We Get Around Network, we create this video for you at no charge and the broker can use it at no charge, as long as you are a Member. [See Member Benefit #2] 2. Also as a Member, you can receive all the MSP 1-sheets that are broker appropriate - with your...
More Videos To Promote is my goal GeorgeK 1 1 yearGeorgeK (835): I figure we are in an image revolution so why not use video to spread the word. Here is 40 seconds I put on my new YouTube Channel. I have separated my Broker Videos from these three d scan video. I figured why not try that this year 2017. I am going to try and get this Youtube channel so if you want to see what I do next go ahead and like or subscribe. This is only 40 seconds long. https://youtu.be/_TE9A_gp_r0
Sign riders, QR codes, text link? Dolloff 8 1 yearfrstbubble (322): There are QR code sites out there that let you change the URL without the need to use a separate shortener. I have only used one once and don't remember which one it was, so I can't give any details on which is the best or a good one. I would suggest googling "Reusable QR code"
Video - Moving Furniture Not what U Think GeorgeK 1 1 yearGeorgeK (835): Realtors are slow to get the importance of image until they see one that pleases them and it's free. I am my best client being a Broker and I wanted to do a promotion video for my farm. Some of my friends around the country liked this so much I labeled it for them also. Enjoy the next 27 seconds. It has a business message at the last 3.7 seconds or so. https://youtu.be/2Cux2kMRYXw
I see very few final sites WHY? GeorgeK 5 1 yearStevenHattan (1510): I hope you didn't pay for those pictures.
Benefits for realtors DmitriyReev 6 1 yearUserName (583): I bookmarked an interesting article yesterday that on the surface seems to slam virtual tours. It's called "Why Do Agents Need Virtual Tours." I've been studying realtors a lot since some may think that realtors are hesitant to buy important things. That's what I started taking notes about when I woke up this morning before seeing this thread. I've looked at articles that discuss their careers, motivations, selling techniques and...
Slip Matterport into your videos. GeorgeK 3 1 yearGeorgeK (835): I am using the GoPro Hero 4 Black as the camera and a 3DR Solo drone for the flying. For still shots I use the canon 80D Thank you very much for the kind works. I just crank these out as fast as I can to stay relevant in my geographic farm area.
WP3D Models link workflow frstbubble 15 1 yearMetroplex360 (6346): Some MLSs like NTREIS (North Texas) only allow approved domain names for submission to MLS. In that case, it doesn't work.
Use Matterport to Recruit Agents to a Broker GeorgeK 1 1 yearGeorgeK (835): I look for all the ways possible to use the Matterport.. It was not cheap and Leverage is the rule. Here is a 23 second recruiting video... Agents will not sit through the long ones. https://youtu.be/RXvBy-G9hFE
Split Screen heard Idea and ran with it GeorgeK 3 1 yearron0987 (691): Great video. :):):):):)
Is Business Slow in the North East for you? AAS 5 1 yearDanSmigrod (13093): @AAS Great. Thanks. Hi All, Business slow? Holidays? Other? Your thoughts about @AAS post? Dan
A moaning real estate agent onepsg 4 1 yearDanSmigrod (13093): @onepsg Matterport does not offer security of digital assets. Even if you password protect your content, it's easy to discover your links. Dan
BannanaPort I mean Matterport Video GeorgeK 2 1 yearMetroplex360 (6346): Love the video, hate the banana.
Matterport Webminar Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016 grmngrl 7 1 yeargrmngrl (493): I was asked to provide a MP Webinar survey feedback: I know if wont make a difference and I wasted 15 more minutes of my life!:( My feedback: The referral program is a joke. I never gotten even one referral, neither did other MSP’s. Do you really think anybody believes that you provide referrals and we wouldn't get back to them? Really? Vertical markets is another joke! Why would a company limit them self's? It would be like me as a...
Free marketing material htimsabbub23 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (13093): https://youtu.be/7ioByybOn9s
realtor.com endorsing Matterport? CathieRasch 3 1 yearJohnBecker (385): Maybe they'll make the virtual tour button a little more conspicuous.
Does Video build Matterport business youtube GeorgeK 3 1 yearGeorgeK (835): I have been doing video for 5 year and what amazes me is the stuff I really like does not hit like I expect and then I do something like this and BAM it is a giant success.. I did this sorta using "Mission Impossible" editing style. It is only 30 seconds long. The fade at the "transition edits" using the drone is something one of my older friends hated and the younger people loved. Reality is the human "minds...
Realtor Team Video Promotion for Matterport GeorgeK 3 1 yearGeorgeK (835): Justin: This video was shot with a Canon 80D.... I have a studio set up in my house where I can control the light and sound a little better but I can see some lighting errors in this. For Real Estate this is pretty good but there is always room for improvement. I have several other cameras including GoPro 3plus and 4 that I put on my drone. I also have the DJI Osmo hand held gimble but I do not use it that much. Cheer Brother. g.
Is Matterport Marketing Misleading? grmngrl 5 1 yeargrmngrl (493): @Property3dNZ you make me smile. Egg on my face... Haha!
Pictures for MLS from Scan Lmccauley57 6 1 yearjustinv (1000): Here is a video produced by photoshop that might help you next time. They have great videos but their written tutorials are not to clear and hard to follow. I have used this method to remove the listing sign out of the yard, stains off drive, etc. clickable text
Cold calling and knocking on doors cire385 9 1 yearDanSmigrod (13093): I just did a Skype chat with a new Member of the We Get Around Referral Network. The Member starting a Matterport Service Provider business and is cold calling real estate agents. He likes people. He likes the process of cold calling. What advice would you have given him? (Either about cold calling or a different marketing strategy?) Thanks, Dan
Going to NAR in Orlando Kevin_iGuide 23 1 yearExpertise (133): I just figured that out. :(
Secluded Property Solution Video &Matterport GeorgeK 1 1 yearGeorgeK (835): One of the best things a Realtor can do is come up with marketing solutions for their clients. Client think inside a box, they do not follow advancements nor do they know what to demand. That is of course a statement that could create some controversy but looking at the use of Video and Matterport in our Major Market MLS people will see that it is grossly under used to share Homes. Here is another marketing video I did to try and share my...
Is Matterport contemptuous toward us? hometakes 7 1 yearPedroAvilez (130): I agree with @Metroplex. The usd70 campaign was a rookie mistake but has show how MP deals with MSP's. Probably MP was not expecting such a negative and compreensive reaction by MSP's but I bet this will not change their agenda - just remeber what happened with 3rd party developers and all the changes in the TOS that were done. More, all this have show up how much MP understands Realtors mentality... Let's get back to MP goals and agenda. MP...
Unique Value Proposition presentation in 23 GeorgeK 1 1 yearGeorgeK (835): At least in my market, Matterport is not being used like it should be. In "marketing" there is a term used "unique value proposition" If you can exploit that your supposed to be able to grow your business. Here is another approach to talking about Matterport in 23 seconds. This is posted on Youtube to be shared with my professional peers but it is designed as a paid promotion in Facebook. ...
Matterport Video Stay with IT GeorgeK 1 1 yearGeorgeK (835): I have to be honest if I am going to ever really grow my business with Matterport. That is after all the reason I purchased the system. But, daily I still run into Realtors who do not even know what Matterport is. I have elected to take the battle to the public. Some of you may have seen some of my videos. This is a new concept I am working on as I have to keep it fresh in my farm. OK. Enough of the explanation...
Photography ownership AAS 7 1 yearGlennTremain (994): There are licensing agreements out there and I think Dan has a legal contract connection if you dig into the forums by searching. However many give everything away and locks you out from displaying your work. Be sure you leave the door open to use the work to get business AND try to help them do what their lawyer wants if possible.
Shoot them with a 22 well sorta GeorgeK 1 1 yearGeorgeK (835): This is a 22 second production made for Facebook, still pointing at the Matterport. I am going to do these for a few Broker friends, so there is more play to different areas of the city. https://youtu.be/U4Lkb11Zjco
16 second video sneaks in Matterport. GeorgeK 2 1 yearVizocube (28): Man...I could see them yellow spots even in this few seconds clip...they got to do something about that
VR glasses symbol and MLS 3SevensStudio 18 1 yearHelen (637): Do any Canadian users know if this rule applies to the Canadian MLS system?
Think and Grow Rich with Matterport Really GeorgeK 5 1 yearcire385 (61): http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/1d889fe6300d05c28d210849978208b5.png
The Speed of Advertising is it Video GeorgeK 1 1 yearGeorgeK (835): As part of a total marketing program I use video to drive people to my site where I get to point out the difference between someone that uses video and Matterport and someone that does not. This is an 18 second "stinger" to a specific area that I target in Facebook. It goes after buyers and sellers. Hope this gives someone out there in "Internet Land" and idea or two. https://youtu.be/iOUzX31VZIU
Warehouse scan critique jmprop 9 1 yearjmprop (52): Thanks for the input Metro. Still a newbie but really excited about what this has to offer.
Need Out of the BOX Idea GeorgeK 7 1 yearMetroplex360 (6346): Anyone want to do a scan for @RealDonaldTrump? He has some large buildings in multiple cities. More seriously though - perhaps a scan of a campaign HQ luncheon. I highly doubt that scanning a location where canvassers are gathered would be good as there might be sensitive information there.
MP Facebook AD 4 Display App and a Video GeorgeK 3 1 yearGeorgeK (835): I looked for the advertisement again but it has dropped off my Facebook page, it was a sponsored "feed' and those fall off. If I see it again I will post it. It was most likely directed or to Realtors so I bet I see it again. The person has to write to them to get the app.
Still Doing Consumer Vids 2 Share Matterport GeorgeK 1 1 yearGeorgeK (835): I try and knock out at least one short video a week that incorporates Matterport as one of my marketing tools. This week it is about 42 seconds long. Down from my normal minute. https://youtu.be/7VMYLXV2aqM
Increasing Public Demand in Real Estate GeorgeK 3 1 yearHasteninc (4): Surely, attractive images do good for sales, maybe your friend will also change his mind in some time. We also propose you to try our virtual staging service, which helps to impress buyers and sell faster. Hasten is leading company in NYC, among our partners are Compass, Douglas Elliman, and Corcoran. We would be glad to cooperate with you as well. You can find more info and examples of our work here: www.hasten.me
WP3D Models Shout-Out htimsabbub23 11 1 yearhtimsabbub23 (505): @persin, Thanks, The single page property site's look stunning because of the WP3D software behind it. As for the images, you are 100% correct they are HDR. I find that for Real Estate that they work best because of the detail you can get without having window blowout. Don't get me wrong this can be achieved in many other ways, but for me, having multiple photographers shooting, it seems this is most consistent. Post processing Is a long...
Matterport deal I received at a trade show. jmprop 2 1 yearGlennTremain (994): Congrats
Using video and Matterport for listings GeorgeK 4 1 yearGeorgeK (835): @proertyguyclt Our team did this video we do all our own stuff in house.
Longer Promotional video for Matterport GeorgeK 2 1 yearPropertyGuyCLT (10): Fantastic and very informative and well done!
Add a Rider to For Sale Sign davidpylyp 9 1 yearDBurroughs (46): http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/e09a6971fbb6b1efbbb37857805e8afa.jpg I have to show mine. The QR code/HTML directs to a page that re-directs to the one I host the tour on. I can re-use the same signs over and over again. I always clear it with the realtors and generally only do it with one or two I am very close to business-wise. That way I am sure I get it back.
Slipping in Matterport everywhere VIDEO GeorgeK 2 1 yearGlennTremain (994): nice.
Save a few 360 pictures as a JPEG Lmccauley57 5 1 yearGlennTremain (994): @Lmccauley57 for every beginner there are many not yet on the path and we all started where you are. The cool thing is you found this place where everyone is eager to help. I must have misunderstood. I thought you were sending them to the client.
Cross Selling with Video GeorgeK 1 1 yearGeorgeK (835): Being a Realtor and playing with photography and video I am able to make an acceptable product. I am having good results from doing community videos and sharing them on my Facebook page and Youtube. Maybe if you build a little background footage and do something like this for one of your Realtor Clients it will turn into more work for you. I am just thinking outside the box and sharing. https://youtu.be/9cq_KtOYwMk
Working on a Great Lower Third GeorgeK 1 1 yearGeorgeK (835): When you have a little slider that pops in to a video it is called a lower third. I only share that for those of you that do not do video. Here is a video that I did to both send the Matterport Message and to "hide" something I did not like around the door area. I am working to develop on a lower third in a transparent variety so I can use it time and time again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLtqXi-EKMM
Can Matterport bring more Sellers Video? GeorgeK 7 1 yearGeorgeK (835): @vchelf the second video is not made yet. It will start production in a few minutes. This is part of a Facebook only campaign. The lead capture page will be an extension of my wedsite. This is part of a complex, area farming campaign system that I am trying. There are 4000 homes in the area that I am going after this is just one of about 15 different ads that are being broadcast on Facebook. Expensive and I am hoping worth...
Promoting Matterport with Video to Public GeorgeK 11 1 yearGeorgeK (835): ODDLY this was one of my best preforming videos. This is part of "NOT" a Complete Story. This was a remarket piece, most everyone that saw it was directed to and had already seen another group of videos. I posted this on Instagram and it was one of my most liked videos. Go Figure! And your right Steven, I am going to travel to the tune of the Drummer that got me where I am, and I do not come without some serious REALTOR street...
Selling points of matterport to realtor? MadHusband 18 1 yearkdsmiles (7): Hi JR! I was that Agent looking for a Matterport specialist, and I struck the jackpot when Dan referred you, my friend! You are by far not only the best photographer I've hired for a long, long time, but you are truly an authentic person inside and out. I'm glad I was able to hook you up with my broker, and I honestly hope you get a s**t load of upper-end business from our company! You deserve it! ~ KSmiley
Promotional Video4 Matterport have you done1 GeorgeK 2 1 yearGeorgeK (835): Just to make this easy for others. They can see the similarity https://youtu.be/DH0Zjif8kx4 in the video that has me in different location on the screen, a different sunset and just a slightly different message. This allowed for easy in production I have both a "community specific" and a larger community video.
Giroptic 360 Camera Video Review GeorgeK 6 1 yearLizzg (124): Great, detailed review! Thank you @georgeK and @DanSmigrod!
Zillow and other major Listing sights? cire385 8 1 yearalsangio (46): @rpetersn thank you! Will read and get back to you!
Single page listing htimsabbub23 5 1 yearJonJ (1273): I provide them to my clients and they are included with the virtual tour. They don't cost me anything since I am now using the WP3D plugin. If they want a custom url (.info), I do charge a small fee ($10). It is a great way to drive additional traffic to your website instead of to Matterports. They usually have a sign rider that they put in the front yard to get attention to the neighbors and anyone driving by looking at houses in the...
Selling points of matterport to home seller? DanSmigrod 3 1 yearBluemarble1 (124): I am currently shooting the second phase of a 10,000 sf oceanfront home, we started with a drone flyover of the foundation being poured then another after the frame went up and the roof went on.. Then a matterport scan of the inside pre-drywall. We will be sscanning once a week throughout the entire process as the owners live in Germany the architect is in London and the structural engineer in Hong Kong.. Everyone is thrilled that they can view...
Media is coming to 3D see this article. GeorgeK 6 1 yearDanSmigrod (13093): VR venture capital alliance forms $10 billion investment fund http://flip.it/U6t6N
Facebook Posts BayAreaAdam 14 1 yearDanSmigrod (13093): BTW, I :love: that We Get Around gets the SEO benefit of using @rpetersn WP3D Models WordPress Plug-in ... More about the SEO in this MUG Forum Thread ... 20 Questions: WP3D Models WordPress Plugin Dan
Offline Model BabluN 10 1 yearfranmts (175): You don't need to sign in to download models.. On the logging screen, on the very top right there's a search icon.. Clicking on it shows up a line for input Matterport model code. Click search, wait a little, will show up, download. Boom! On a desktop computer the best you can do is open browser tabs with models, navigate a lot through them and leave it there.. And no restarting, powering off, just hibernate or sleep computer. This has saved...
Just what is State of the ART? GeorgeK 3 1 yearrpetersn (1516): Thanks for posting this @GeorgeK! I love how the Theta content is integrated. @Queen_City_3D, it's easy to add the Theta imagery via the "3rd Party Content" option. You'll just add this to the end of any Theta-generated URL: "?view=embed" For example, here is George's stock THETA URL: https://theta360.com/s/p0W8JlVv8doGV3hPyUWqgB7L6 But what you'd need to enter into the "3rd Party Content" field is this: ...
Matterport Syndication to 3rd party sites? Cindiewozniak 12 2 yearspirusan (184): All, or at least most of the virtual Tour websites like Tour Factory or Real Tour vision offer syndication. So, if the Realtor is using one of those platforms they are going to ask about syndication. In any case, the most significant and, I would say the only relevant, syndication is done through the local MLS, hands down. Gus
Help for shopping list sebbes 3 2 yearsWyzlo (100): @sebbes Matterport MT190XPRO4 Manfrotto Tripod Aluminum 4 Section Legs with Q90 Column (Black)this one comes with a level Ipad pro A bag like this one Bag I bought the Desmond DLEV-1 Level Leveler for Tripod 3/8 but with wrong Sunway clamp. so I haven't used (I believe is not necessary With the clamp and tripod levels you can adjust the levels very fast. SunwayFoto DDC-60L Screw-Knob Dovetail Clamp Also has another level I...
JohnLScott tour integration DigitalImageries 6 2 yearsDigitalImageries (43): Thanks!
New feature for lead generation? bonduell 3 2 yearsDanSmigrod (13093): @bonduell Including live chat within Matterport Spaces 3D Tours would be a great way for potential buyers to chat in real-time with a real estate agent. Dan
Just in case you need stats CathieRasch 5 2 years3Dwalkmethru (286): Thank you!
Advice on referral (realtor) htimsabbub23 3 2 yearsMikesobay (127): @htimsabbub23 You could probably add this as a condition to the referral agreement. I would check with legal counsel for your realtor organization to be certain it doesn't violate HUD RESPA rules, as it might be seen as a 'kick back', only because I tend to be cautious about such things.
Re-use partial scan? MagnusM 10 2 yearsBarrieFisherPhoto (34): Thank you!!!
Pricing Advice: Percent of Sale, or ...? Wyzlo 2 2 yearsjntooker (109): I am also a real estate broker and Matterport photographer. I am offering a 25% discount on my services to my agents.
too expensive! ArchimedStudio 9 2 yearshtimsabbub23 (505): Along those same lines I worked many years in retail cellular (the startac was our number 1 selling phone in 1997). Fast forward to the blackberry and you were so dumbfounded business people would spend $45 a month on Internet for their phones. A few years later everyone and their 5 year old kids have smart phones...... OK ok maybe 10 Yea old kids. When I left Verizon last year our quota was 93% smartphones to 7% basic phones. We're at the...
Any trouble linking to MLS? BDPelton 5 2 yearsIPM (34): The realtors I have worked with use the link, using http instead of https. Does embedded code display differently in MLS?
Tip for MLS's that use "MATRIX" Queen_City_3D 4 2 yearsSourxstar (31): as a realtor this happens with most links posted in the virtual tour spot....you need to chop off the entire https:// for it to always work.
20 Questions: AgentImpress.Me | Real Estate DanSmigrod Jump to first page43Jump to last page 2 yearsDanSmigrod (13093): Kyle, Haha! Thanks SO much for joining us here on the MUG Forum for 20 questions. And, thanks for circling back from time to time to see if MUG Members have questions. Best, Dan PS. I did notice AgentImpress.Me got some great press coverage by Inman Connect ... Congrats :beer: http://www.inman.com/2016/02/05/new-website-builder-agentimpress-deserves-your-attention/
clean up Dalivingston 3 2 yearssuncoastskyview (172): After your work is processed by Matterport there are times when certain artifacts appear outside the dollhouse. You can use the "trim" process to clean up these anomalies. It is not difficult and only takes a minute. Then you re-upload your file and have it re-processed. They do not charge you for that. I agree with the Beckers regarding taking still captures from the Matterport scans. They are excellent. Most of the time, I...
Scanning only part of a property ArchimedStudio 11 2 yearsArchimedStudio (364): So, the co-listing realtor was there along with the seller. I subtly explained again to both of them why it is important to show the whole property. They both agreed it was better to show it. I had the co-listing realtor call his fellow realtor to tell him we were doing the basement, and the seller was in favor of that... I think it's a good ending. thanks everyone for the great advice/options!
Matterport Crash Test Results RenderingSpace 6 2 yearskenangiguere (43): Thanks for posting! I do lock doors when my camera is in front of it. Especially the front door! I've always been nervous about someone knocking it over.
New in Thousand Oaks, CA BDPelton 11 2 yearsDaveJohnson (1): Glenn, glad to hear you have a solid contract!
Need Examples of Large Commercial RealEstate tydowning 7 2 yearsAerialMG (70): https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=2oap9p3qzY1
Realtor.com and MP pixelray 22 2 yearspixelray (328): Yep! I just had a client tell me they could get the same thing with another company that doesn't even offer 3d - they offer the classic "virtual tour" that isn't very virtual at all. But I guess she thought it was the same thing. I can't believe virtual tours have been around for so many years now. Very glad a new very "virtual" option is available! Still a lot of educating to do tho
Insurance advice DaveFahrny 10 2 yearsMetroplex360 (6346): Like Carlos, I also contacted thehartford.com. The process was simple and I'm happy.
My New Website with Matterport link JoeMontaleone 2 2 yearsRobinLycka (715): Service is Temporary down ... 503 Service Unavailable Edit: It´s back
Are you alone? DigitalImageries 11 2 yearsPieroBortolot (154): Nobody in the house... Sometimes the camera shoots a bullet!
Contracts JohnBarker 1 2 yearsJohnBarker (1): Hi I'm a newbie and trying to get organised providing a Matterport service in Sweden to realtors, B&B's, retirement homes, venues etc. I'm wondering what sort of contracts other Matterport service providers are using with their clients. Especially with regard to permissions. John
Suggested Wordpress Theme? HortonTeam 5 2 yearsRenderingSpace (604): We build Single Property Websites for photographers all over the country. We're in the process of developing several different style options to showcase the different media components of a listing. Here's some examples: www.SchaefferEstate.com www.7318Olin.com www.2372Baldwin.com www.ScottDrive.com I also do custom Wordpress Websites for businesses.
Highlight real - Blue line & Speed mefederau 8 2 yearsShane (91): @mikeE I'm with you, it is unnecessarily complicated to get between floors especially stairs with landings that turn around 180 degrees. Bring on a take me up - down function.
One mistake that you first made? nwihomes4sale 9 2 yearsfalconshakka (67): doing staircases ...I find that shortening the distance between steps gives you better alignment especially doing winding staircases and doing exterior shots, I find working from the inside out works best for me and making sure the doors are open from any scan point the camera will see that open door, I tried going back to a shoot the next to to go through a once closed door thinking the scan would work out fine ...later to find out that the...
Direct to Seller Marketing Idea. smcclell 12 2 yearssmcclell (154): Hi Cathie, Yes, the latter of your examples was where I was heading. Suggesting different agents is not a practice I would want to do when they have someone already. I would just want to promote the services. It's good to know then that as an agent you would be OK the seller speaking with you about it once they found out about the service. The association and that they email blast for you is a great tip!
Agents Wanting File niagrealtygroup 7 2 yearsdavidpylyp (178): I am pleased to be a vendor of incredible technology I do not want the responsibility of correcting millions of lines of computer code; checking and expanding servers; expanding broadband to make sure that all models load FAST plus working on technology improvements and development I am pleased to have someone look after that while I scan and charge for my services
Anyone selling camera? aschoof0010 1 2 yearsaschoof0010 (1): I am a Realtor looking to buy a Matterport camera. Would also be interested in purchasing accessories. Please send me message if interested. Thanks!
Real Estate Marketing CathieRasch 7 2 yearsal9901 (55): The most success I have had with realtors is to identify the brokerages who want to use this for most if not all of their listings, and want to work with me long term. You will find some who want to try it out for free, think it is a nice gimmick, but these are the realtors who will just waste your time. They want to see if it takes off and they want a dirt cheap price; neither are worth your time. Check my post above for some suggestions how to...
Checklist for seller? justinS 3 2 yearsJerry_D (7): That would be nice, to have a checklist to send to sellers prior to the scan appointment.
Pulled The Trigger Today seanminor 12 2 yearsDoyleRealtor (511): I would strongly suggest you make a clear distinction between your real estate business and your photography business.
Max Listing scannings per day. Whats your #? alegonzabot 18 2 yearsjustinS (13): What percentage of your work comes thru the wegetaroud website? Very glad I found such a great resource of information and fellow photographers. Dan you seem to know a great deal. What's your average price per 1ksqft?
Stats that shows listings sell/rent faster alegonzabot Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 yearsjackye (13): Thanks a lot.
statistics SamehH 4 2 yearsSamehH (7): Thank you for the reply and sending the link.
Listing Presentation SummerMayhugh 6 3 yearsccctucker (154): I did a video of a model to show for those that cannot open the program on their equipment. It doesnt match that of the actual walk through, but its something.
Residential Real Estate Statistics-Articles DanSmigrod 29 3 yearsDanSmigrod (13093): Inman (16 April 2015) The (Slow) Rise of Real Estate Tech bold text
Workshop LeeBlackston 5 3 yearsGlenda (220): Oh, I thought you had already added them as collaborators ...
Realtor/Matterporter Asks (Anonymously) DanSmigrod 3 3 yearsTim (355): I'm not a photographer, but we opted to charge less in order to do more for the exposure...