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Protect your iPad from Turkish Crime Family frstbubble 2 4 daysnat_vanveen (118): @frstbubble That's nasty!:O thanks for the tip :)
Matterport for Airbnb.com JMEPhotos 5 7 daysJMEPhotos (13): Thanks everyone for your imput
Backup before it's too late! CarlosFHdz 4 12 daysfrstbubble (259): Will backup solve anything with the upcoming release of iOS?!? I am concerned with the upcoming update of iOS. In the post listed below @DanSmigrod points out that they are changing the file system. I am hoping this does not break my backup strategy. Warning: Do NOT install iOS 10.3 Wait Until WHY DOESN'T MATTERPORT PROVIDE US A SOLUTION TO THIS FOR US!!!!
moving to a selling tool for agents Joelbcollins 26 15 daysGlennTremain (712): Even for a quick market you can convince selling AND buying agents to get a scan because it helps you farm the market that property is in. I have convinced buyer agents to get a matterport for a gated community that he wishes he had more listings in. His main competitor has just been there a long time but doesn't use matterport. Now that he has one matterport from a sale he was a buyer agent for he then got a listing there. Now he has two and...
Mark Features not working VTLV 1 19 daysVTLV (151): How is your Mark Features Option working on your app? My mark windows and mirrors feels useless this month. Are you getting loads of spray in your scans creating blocks in the walk throughs?
Matterport Camera's Rear LED stop working Gerhard 2 20 daysfrstbubble (259): @Gerhard Any update on the situation? Did support get back to you and have they issued a resolution?
Is it possible to edit or blur? BobbyG 10 21 daysBobbyG (28): Although I don't know about the tech of the google cams, Not too sure I would do that. I've seen the finished work for interiors from them. Matterport images and the 3D walk through is more impressive. Pros and cons to everything.
Upgrade your wordpress ASAP GlennTremain 4 23 daysGlennTremain (712): it depends on your web person's setup preferences. If you have core / plugins auto update and you don't watch the site much and it doesn't work right then you have to spend more time working to track down the problem. warnings are sent out because most dont use auto update. I see clients that host their own that are running 3.6 still :-)
WP3D MODELS - Adding Agent - Help 3SixtyNow 6 23 days3SixtyNow (61): Thank you @rpetersn for you help! Thanks for letting me know I forgot to activate one of my plugins. WP3DMODELS is now working as it should!!
Weirdest Matterport Model of 2017! Networker 9 24 dayswalk360 (37): I have had the same problem couple of times.... if you are able to determined which scan is making the misaligned problem... just delete that one... you might not have to go back and re-scan. Make a copy model on the iPad and delete the 'Problem" scans... and see what happenes.... if for any reason you have to go back to the model it will be just for 10 mins to re-scan few spots. Is that a building in Bogota, Colombia?
Matterapps - RSS Feed Acomeau15 7 1 monthMetroplex360 (3472): Just a note to anyone reading this -- I'm not keeping track of who is actively using MatterStats. I've kept the app/tool rather simple and avoided storing any data that is not necessary. If I had a vocal userbase, I would perhaps make feature requests. One idea is to actually pull the information automatically once a day and cache it. This would speed up loading tremendously. In addition, I could potentially allow feeds to be setup by...
scanning Problem: camera/ipad kept freezing 3SixtyNow 5 1 month3SixtyNow (61): I've only had my camera for 1 1/2 months. This is only the 3rd model I've done. The iPad is new and has nothing else on it. I rebooted the iPad and camera and that did the trick. This is just very time consuming if it's going to happen all the time.
Issues With Firefox Senojev 2 1 monthMetroplex360 (3472): @Senojev I noticed that Matterport's servers seemed slow tonight. Matterport uses Amazon's Cloud - so my suspicion was that it was ME, not them. I'm making an assumption that it might be the loading speed that you were experiencing. Check again tomorrow -- and if in doubt, you might try viewing the tour via your mobile phone using your mobile carrier's network. I did note that you mentioned it ran well in Safari and not Firefox -- and I...
Yellow in Kitchens! WHYYYYYY? Chemistrydoc 7 1 monthChemistrydoc (154): Thanks....then probably current, as I've been on a shooting bonanza this last week,
Matterport 3D Tour Locking Up ADS 5 1 monthlisahinson (598): This might have helped you in the upstairs area where you mentioned you closed the door to access the toilet area..?? http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/e6b8ed42a8433f9395e568caa3d42993.jpg
Help - new model not uploading tomasdunbar 5 2 monthsKennyBPhotography (4): Any luck with your issue tomasdunbar?
Problems with Unofficial Cardboard jmprop 25 2 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @benn1973 Great suggestion. Time for a "time out" ... I will disable posting to this discussion for two days. You can PM me if you think otherwise ... Dan
Matterport Stitching Error aznparkranger 8 2 monthsProperty3dNZ (289): @aznparkranger Hi There - our second photographer had this happen a couple of weeks ago (in a very important) 3 hour out of Auckland shoot! She assured me that she was checking the tripod etc.... a few days later she did admit that there had been a movement in the camera warning - she kept the scan and carried on (again and again) - then she mentioned that the plate was loose... I would suggest that this is whats happened here! I had never seen...
Scan points accessible on other floors. aznparkranger 3 2 monthsjustinv (211): @aznparkranger Can you post a link so we can experience it and maybe help you out a little more? I agree with @GarySynder that it is probably the sun. Was the windows/mirrors marked correctly? Have you tried trimming it? Of course, make a copy before you change it too much.
Matterport Tour Not Ready--Day 3 tgdmax 6 2 monthstgdmax (1): JonJ- good idea. When I stop at my first shoot I will upload again--running out the door right now. Thank you again sir! Have a great day!
Missing entire spaces Sandiemcr 3 2 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @Sandiemcr 1. Delete the scan in the wrong location 2. If you put the tripod lowest height, you should be able to complete the space successfully 3. Go back and scan at normal height 4. Disable the low scans in workshop Dan
Dollhouse - Floorplan Tourspace 5 2 monthsPetraSoderling (355): Is that a bug or a new feature? It slows me down when I'm drawing floor plans and I need to wait every time I toggle between the views. I wish it was the way it was before.
Saving Raw Data samgaetz 3 2 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): @samgaetz @GarySnyder is spot on! iExplorer Backup is supported / recommended by Matterport. The free version will work fine for you.
Question - Rescanning Chemistrydoc 7 2 monthsChemistrydoc (154): Thanks for all of your great suggestions. However, 1) I have to remove something that is in about 70% of the shots, and 2) I'm actually paying for the upload. I want to remove all but one scan and start from that point. Today's lighting will be very close. Nothing has moved. Technically, things should work. I was asking purely from a "Matterport rules" point of view, and because I'm basically a cheapskate! I will post the model and...
Bad quality of dollhouse and floorplan views DmitriyReev 3 2 monthsJamie (1498): That's how it works. Try taking more scans to help clean it up, or alternatively use a 3D rendering company to make a 3D floor plan
Matterport Tours and more "Personality"? Joelbcollins 8 2 monthsjfantin (688): Thank you @Metroplex360. You are very generous sharing your knowledge with us.
Option to move between Floors mk4au 3 2 monthsmk4au (7): @DouglasMeyers Thank you for the suggestion. I thought I had already tried that, but tried again this morning with no success. Since the original scan does separate scans by floor, and the model will let you walk up and down the steps, I see no logical reason it doesn't show up. @DanSmigrod - any suggestions?
Ugly doll house Radie842 2 2 monthsQueen_City_3D (847): It needs a few additional scans and some additional trimming. I'd suggest one or 2 more scans in the mechanical/furnace room, even if those scans are later deactivated, http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/92df19c50f406e349b49ac8871269c38.jpg and 1 more scan in the upstairs bedroom where the black spot shows on the floor plan view. It looks like that's where the camera was positioned and so it didn't have that area scanned. Same thing...
Easiest way to replace a scan? lknbigfish 6 2 monthslknbigfish (13): Thanks, I really appreciate the tips.
How to get the space to open in a new window terrygrant 6 3 monthsUserName (565): Do you want to give users the ability to click an image thumbnail and switch to fullscreen in the current tab? Or open a separate popup window? Or open in fullscreen in a different tab? If so, you can do that with a little code that calls the fullscreen api that works in all modern browser. See it in action by clicking ON the picture that's on this demo page. Click that' page's button only puts you in fullscreen mode without enlarging the...
Style Changes>Matterport TAGS with Big scan? RGO 8 3 monthsRGO (73): Thank you...we have in our original proposal, was a drone flight over the school footprint. Having that aerial view with TAGS as portals is a nice addition, but until we get there in the Spring.....as we just had our first 18 inches of snow the other day here south of Boston, we need to come up with solutions now. We have a game plan, but having to add lots of other SAME COLOR SHAPE TAGS as portals, can make the model looked cluttered. When...
Unable to view model on mobile device grmngrl 11 3 monthsgrmngrl (187): @Chadcloses I solved the problem: when that happens you just need to click on the very top right- go to matterport.com and it opens the browser again.
Room Labels on Floor Plan View missing PHILG 5 4 monthsalsangio (25): They shut down when you download your models on iOS .
How to change the VR path and starting view? samgaetz 1 4 monthssamgaetz (10): Hi everyone! Struggling to figure out how to edit the VR path. I can't figure out how to change the starting position either! Any help is appreciated :) Sam
We Get Around Network Forum email alerts? Radie842 4 4 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @Radie842 Our tech did a deeper dive into your We Get Around Network Forum email notifications and (just) emailed you ... Dan --- Hi [Redacted], Thanks for your patience and for the extra info you provided to Dan. Makes my job much easier. Our email notification system identified your email address [redacted] with a "Bounce/Recipient not found" error. This happens occasionally to legit email accounts but it's nothing to worry...
How many MatterTags can we do? epicfoto 3 4 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): Hi All, Anyone else experiencing problems with MatterTags? @epicfoto What computer OS? Browser? (We work in Chrome) Have you tried other browsers? Best, Dan
Blue Circle Issue. GeorgeK 6 4 monthsjustinv (211): @GeorgeK Are you using chrome? Settings > Show Advanced Settings > scroll to the bottom and checkmark "Use hardware acceleration when available" Hopefully that works for you.
Cloud plans and payments DmitriyReev 6 4 monthsDmitriyReev (28): Good day, all! Today I had another problem with potential client and can't solve it w/o your help!..I proposed to one SPA (300 m2) who has already panoramic tour on their web page to replace it with matterport tour as they can use mattertags and VR. They were interested from the beginning, but when I sent offer to them where was annual hosting fee (46 USD/year) starting after 6 free months, they said NO. They don't pay anything for their...
cant download 360 shot Radie842 11 4 monthsachabot (34): It's a 360 degree camera that we cannot export 360 degree photos from.
Ever had your creative work stolen? Helen 10 4 monthsNarvan891 (4): "Walk softly and carry a big stick" as Teddy Roosevelt said aptly long ago! I'd try the genial approach first - contact them and let them know that it appears that they've inadvertently used your creative work without getting the required usage license (temporary or permanent at xx$$ - two different price structures of course) and that it would "...be really great" for them to be sure to cover that immediately and here's...
A moaning real estate agent onepsg 4 4 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @onepsg Matterport does not offer security of digital assets. Even if you password protect your content, it's easy to discover your links. Dan
Why is the wall bending in? Dolloff 5 4 monthsDolloff (79): Hi Everyone, Thank you for the wonderful feedback and advice. After making copies and deleting some scans, I went back to the space and just re-shot that area. Matterport explained it as "Loop Closure"- It is a very large space, so if each scan was just a touh off, by the time you close the loop, the scans are a lot off. It is a very large space, so I was thinking about starting with the walls first and then filling in the...
Help: Model won't load, gray screen LewisBishop 17 5 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): I recall when I was first starting out in July 2014, I could get a white square - one of six sides of a cube - if the internet connection was not good. Dan
Web platform for sharing DaveFahrny 9 5 monthsDaveFahrny (163): Many thanks to everyone for all the help. I appreciate it
Issues with Model TourFactoryUT 2 5 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @TourFactoryUT Moving this discussion to here ... Help: Model won't load, gray screen Identical issue? Dan
Matterport Camera Error Sensor Fault PANOPTICMOTION 1 5 monthsPANOPTICMOTION (13): Hi, We have had an error message showing - Hardware Error - Sensor Fault.... The camera will not not work even after rebooting several times. Has anyone had any experience with this? The camera has not been dropped or abused before anyone asked. It has however been working almost non stop for the last 7 weeks, so not sure if its just not built to last as a full on commercial tool!?
Blurred panel within a scan? akirk 4 5 monthsakirk (4): Thanks I got some response from the Matterport support forum and i8tvlooks like I must have moved the camera to soon - I've deleted the scan and now it looks fine!
Scan still processing after 30 Hours Lizzg 8 5 monthsLizzg (43): The copy processed! I'll upload the link later today. Thanks for you helps! Lizzg
New firmware update for Matterport Camera? yoon2366 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 5 months360Verbeelding (334): Hi looks good. great update from MP. The scans are getting better with almost every update. The realy work on picture improvement. What i don't understand is that losts of our MP friends are wondering if a scan takes 40 seconds or 60 seconds. Good scanning takes time. Because i as a photograper can't do anything with the camera then let it spin a am realy glad that MP takes the time and effort so the scans get better and better. So please...
Highlight Reel Problem Brtz 2 5 monthsCelisNet (88): It must be because you add 360º pictures on the highlight reel right? When you add this 360º the reel doesn't hide automatically. If someone know a way to hide it, please let us know.
Help! Does anyone know what this means? Property3dNZ 11 5 monthsProperty3dNZ (289): That's just it it wasn't visible my.matterport.com!
Scanning Issue & Should I Nuke my iPad? AdamplatinumHD 3 5 monthsAdamplatinumHD (31): Thanks @photoJoe I did another scan and didn't get any problems at all? Weird.
Managing clients expectations ScanMan 17 5 monthsProperty3dNZ (289): @ScanMan You can't please everyone. I previously was a real estate photographer and I try to use this to my advantage by saying that I choose to start shooting with MP rather than doing real estate photography for a number of reasons.... first off MP is incredible technology that opens the market place up to a much wider audience, secondly because I disliked deceiving people by shooting with wide lenses which set un achievable expectations for...
FB updating showcase problem 3SevensStudio 6 5 monthsrpetersn (1069): Great! Glad we could help! :)
Broken Matterport, How to Reconnect? aznparkranger 6 5 monthsaznparkranger (22): So here's Matterport's response to our situation... That definitely looks pretty serious and would need to come home for repairs. Unfortunately our camera is not serviceable by anyone but Matterport, so I would recommend you sending in your unit asap! RMA instructions are as follows: Your RMA number is: RMA-XXX To return the camera, please do the following: 1) Securely pack the camera and all included parts, using the instructions below....
can't see the full screen icon on iPad JC3DCX 7 5 monthsRobinLycka (664): @DSPhoto S6
VR glasses symbol and MLS 3SevensStudio 18 5 monthsHelen (316): Do any Canadian users know if this rule applies to the Canadian MLS system?
How would you respond? JonJ 29 5 monthsTrustedPhotoDC (373): HDR is a file format and process commonly mistaken as the low dynamic range result. When most people say HDR, they are inferring a tone mapped, multi-exposure image. To view a HDR image, also referred to as a 32-bit float image, you need a HDR monitor which will run you about 20k. Otherwise all you are viewing on your monitor is a tone-mapped LDR image. The intermediate processing of combining exposures creates a HDR image and opening a HDR...
Black 3D Model Issue unewe 8 5 monthsProperty3dNZ (289): @unewe in my experience this can happen when the Internet is slow
Mattertags not showing on certain devices. Scannen 6 6 monthsScannen (28): I found a solution. After trying various things as disabling VR showcase, erasing mattertags, contacting matterport for support (non given), I did the last thing missing, "Duplicating Model and process it again". After duplicating it and reprocess the model I got the mattertags to work. I still don´t know what happened before but this was the solution to this issue. The only thing I see now is that my highlight reel includes every...
Warehouse scan critique jmprop 9 6 monthsjmprop (49): Thanks for the input Metro. Still a newbie but really excited about what this has to offer.
White marks on glossy wood Olivius 4 6 monthsGarySnyder (1177): I see what you mean, it almost looks like some form of interference. Please let me know what MP has to say about this.
Problem with walkthrough...it goes rogue! BenedicteDamm 3 6 monthsCarlosFHdz (520): Ensure the highlight reel is set up the way you want and publish, if the problem persist, call support. I've had something similar happen in the past.
MP in MLS question Joelbcollins 11 6 monthsBillJones (1): Easy to do, one link. On my site I upload the clients images, tours ect on a date basis. site.com/ 1610 (2016, October) / address. For the tour I have one html template I plug in the address and maybe youtube url. They then paste in the url to the mls virtual tour link. http://pdxrealestatephotography.com/1609/19655necalkinsln/tour.html Loads the gallery, 360 virtual tour (I'm old school) and a youtube video.
Is iPad the Only Way to Upload? PhotoJoe Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 monthsPhotoJoe (10): Final update: Matterport was able to process my models and I could open them in my workshop. Some of the 360 images were missing but I can live with that. One more question. There are now seven identical versions of each model. They each have a unique URL. Can I safely delete all but one of them? Thanks, Joe
MP2SQFT OFFLINE / Showcase v2.8.4-0 Metroplex360 8 6 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): Just a note to everyone -- www.mp2sqft.com --is-- back but does lack the colored floorplan to help you visualize the data. I have some ideas to make up for it that I'll be working on in the future.
MSP Referral Service Test Drive ArtisticConcepts 5 6 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @360Idaho I am not sure I understand your question about collecting leads, so if I am not answering it, can you ask your questions a different way? Basic, Standard and Premium Members of the We Get Around Referral Network - Green, Blue and Purple pins respectively on the Forum/ Referral Network Map, have public profiles. We do this to make it super-easy and super-fast for potential clients to find a Matterport Pro. ✓ Basic Members...
Help Camera doesn't seem to be charging MWP 4 6 months3dinsights (22): It might be that it thinks its already fully charged. I did 1 small job today and it still said fully charged when i had finished.
Won't Upload from Capture App dronie 20 6 monthsPhotoJoe (10): CaseySmith, I all of a sudden can't upload either. I have DropBox and just downloaded iExplorer. Could you please invite me to your Dropbox? info@joegoldsberry.com BTW I called Matterport and they didn't seem to have an answer to this problem. Thanks!
Oops, something went wrong. ole989 5 6 monthsGrant (46): @ole989 It's your browser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I693k5HEWFE
Big Alignment Problem JosePino Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 monthsJosePino (1): Thanks again, Dan For me at this point is good to know that this is not a normal error of the camera, so it should be replaced for a new one. I sent messages to Matterpot support team yesterday and also this morning. I hope they answer me ASAP. Regards
Point cloud to CAD Problems Invelop 3 6 monthsJoshReadhead (16): @Invelop Hi Stephen Sincere apologies for taking so long to reply. The process for importing the point cloud does vary depending on what version you have, but will attempt to troubleshoot as best I can. Judging by the error message, it sounds to me like you are trying to open the point cloud directly within AutoCad. For most AutoCad versions, the point cloud still needs to be imported (even though it's in the .rcs Autodesk format) while the...
Matterport Workshop Privacy bonduell 6 7 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): At least it's read only.
Cursor problems (blue circles). FuturePhotography 10 7 monthsFuturePhotography (13): Yep, tried restarting and closing all the tabs. Here is a link so you guys don't think I am making this up ;). Thanks. It took me a total of three days to do both villas, the still photos and I had a little fun with the drone. Still working on editing all the material into one good video. I can feel you Queen_City! In the summer we have 50 C which is just as bad! Here is a picture from my outdoor scan in 48 C heat! ...
Theta S settings Queen_City_3D 5 7 monthsHelen (316): @Metroplex360 Yes on the capture app you can choose noise reduction, DR compensation or HDR rendering. I find the HDR has more chromatic than DR compensation. The DR is a one shot I assume using cameras dynamic range, and as you know it uses 3 bracketed for the HDR. Did you happen to view the VR on YouVisits? I do not have a VR headset yet so I am wondering how it looks in VR? I was very pleased with the interior not so happy with the exterior...
Uploading issue from ipad CaseySmith 7 7 monthsalirizacil (10): They mailed me very detailed explanation about how to do it. I searched it in my mail account. Here it is: "On a Mac or Windows PC, install the free version of iExplorer (i.e. 'Demo' Version) from the following site - https://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/ - Click the blue Download button next to the orange Buy button. Connect the iPad to the computer and launch iTunes. If your version of iTunes is newer than 12.2, you'll need to open...
Yacht issues Gregclicks 3 7 monthsron0987 (541): The 360 photos will turnout way better during that time frame also. But if you do the whole model below deck you can do that at anytime, the evening shots would just take a few and that would reduce the afternoon evening time. But this would require more time on your part. Just my input. I also agree with Glen, but don't let the drinking impact running the camera. Ron
Problem with bright reds, oranges and yellow manolohk 5 7 monthsmanolohk (49): So I just wanted to update you guys. The response from Matterport was that they are releasing a color correction firmware and that I have to "reshoot" the place. Oh and they say "Sorry" as well. I find this kind of issues unacceptable. This was a huge client for me and now its lost. Beware of this lighting problems.
Something Strange want to call Ghostbusters Gerhard 4 7 monthsRobinLycka (664): I`m going to place my bet on the palmtree that´s captured outside the bedroom. Probably happened due to the way the pointcloud splits the floors, and the palm tree is perceived as ground floor, the first floor bedroom right next to it is perceived as part of ground floor due to it being the same height to the slanted ceiling. There´s a hole in the mesh in the bedroom wall, maybe a trim line that´s placed to close to the wall from the outside....
Wrong account marcdempsey 5 7 monthspixelray (241): Wow. I asked MP to do the same thing for me and they said they couldn't.
Model Statistics-Did Your Data Disappear too 3Dwalkmethru 7 7 monthsCharlieshoe (13): It's noon in Chicago and all my models are at "0".
Have you got problems with Mattertags? Wyzlo 3 7 monthsWyzlo (97): Thanks I don't want to be seen from more angles, as is a tag por each piece of art. so putting the extension it only will make a more dirty model. My problem is that they move suddenly, and they apear in a other part of the space. not where I put them.
Yellow colored walls? NKH_Controls Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 monthsTHRHHI (136): I agree Mori. I have one similar and All the tests I have done have worked well with it. In a small bathroom it does not give could coverage from floor to ceiling. Did a test today using a vertical LED strip light. Only had it facing into the bathroom and it did a good job. Unfortunately it is 110v so may be hard to hide cord in many instances. Was more to verify the process...now to refine it until Matterport releases the fix. I have been told...
Yacht Scanning and pricing Gregclicks 5 8 monthsOlivius (70): We are also scanning yachts in the French Riviera. Some are really complexe to do when shooting at sea. See our last one http://www.visitesimmo.com/index.php/3d-model/kingdom-come/fullscreen/ For info this have been done in 5 hours and around 200 scans it's not perfect, but will be fixed and completed in september with the new matterport features announced ;)
Workshop: space stats on the blink again JC3DCX 3 8 monthsArchimedStudio (343): Hi, I also have the same problem. I wrote to support twice. The first time, they told me they manually fixed the problem. The second time, here is the reply I received : "I spoke with our QA team about this Stats issue you're experiencing. Each day, when the stats are calculating, they display as Zeroes, at approximately 8 -9 AM US Central Standard Time. This is a bug we are addressing to fix. Your stats will appear as such until...
Stitching on Just the lamp billherman 5 8 monthsbillherman (7): Good Idea, I'll do that. Thanks, Colin
Help can't walk from staircase to bedroom? Gerhard 3 8 monthsnewview (4): Hi @Gerhard, Like @GarySnyder above, I was able to walk through the model with no problems at all. I was able to get up and down the staircase with no issues.
Nikon Full Frame Cameras & WP3D Pic Gallery pixelray 13 8 monthsrpetersn (1069): @pixelray - I would not remove that rule. If you recall, this was other custom code that was created for you in response to a different gallery customization you requested in the past. Removing this rule would affect all of your existing gallery layouts at "desktop" sizes.
Shooting Differernt Buildings Szwed87 6 8 monthsfrstbubble (259): Sorry was looking at this post to reference. Posted to wrong on. LOL
Green and Pink Dollhouse manolohk 8 8 months360Verbeelding (334): its not a LED thing, read earlier tpoivs on this. Its a MP processing thing caused by Unity. Upload again and the issue should be cleared. you can contact a MP tec for info but he is going to tell you the same. what it does show is that MP lroseccingbdiem doesn't check their process. So i think its more and more automated. Happy scanning Grtz Rene
Support for ios and workshop? JC3DCX 2 8 monthsLuisBrilanti (28): No it has to be on laptop or desktop.
How would you improve my Matterport Space? BabluN 9 8 monthsBabluN (49): Hi Guys, Sorry, but I was travelling, therefore, the delayed response. The issue was that this model was blotched with colours scattered all over the dollhouse and floor plan, some how, it seems to have fixed itself....and to address the comments, yes, I understand that my trim lines are way too close, but that was cause I was under the impression that they were supposed to be done that way, figured it out a couple of days ago that I was wrong....
Super Slow Uploads BayAreaAdam 8 9 monthsleeverdon (52): Same here folks. I have AT&T GigaPower where my upload speed currently averages around 250Mbps! So it's not a problem on my end. What I do is e-mail Matterport Support and complain and miraculously the upload finishes within a few minutes.
Workshop not launching consistently 3Dwalkmethru 3 9 monthsBayAreaAdam (70): Constantly
Scans Appearing in Wrong Places BayAreaAdam 5 9 monthsJC3DCX (478): I have experienced the same on previous scans, especially with sunlight interfering with the camera's infrared sensing. I just keep a watch on where it place a scan and if wrong delete immediately, move camera closer to previous successful scan and try again.
Newbie issue with stained glass windows glennstockton 3 9 monthsglennstockton (4): Thanks Dan. As doing the scanning required about 3 hours (though I may get faster!) it may be challenging to find a time that both, the Church can be empty and has such stable and better lighting conditions. I noted in doing this that walking around the camera works for most spots, but found that, in such an open space, some scans required long walks to get out of view. Note that the door closing was intentional, and followed the instructions...
Scans show up in wrong room mk4au 15 9 monthsCarlosFHdz (520): Glad it worked out. :beer:
Obj file need some help Wyzlo 12 9 monthsWyzlo (97): @danSmigrod I'm a Real Estate Agent since 2006 my focus is in trying to offer what we can do You know the time in this industry gives you a lot of contact with all related profesional in the Industry. All the possibilities are just by extending my hand the best arquitecs the best Interior designers the best developers. So if we have nothing to offer them (just the tour) I will forget this matter. and offer just what you see is what you...
I can see circles from above Wyzlo 9 9 monthsWyzlo (97): @Mikesobay All floors are connected Where do you see that is not connected?
Scanning the inside and outside of a house sstarkey 15 10 monthsBayAreaAdam (70): @sstarkey ahh, got it, thank you
Camera Connection Drops Trade show Wifi prob VTLV 9 10 monthsVTLV (151): Matterport is on shirt staff so I don't expect to hear back from them anytime soon. But I just saw Facebook allows 360 Ricoh shots today. Something else to get excited about ;)
More than 200 scans walk360 14 10 monthsBarrieFisherPhoto (34): Thank you 3DscannUK, I know that's a real stretch (1500), and alot of work. I will approach my client with the per floor concept. The only thing is, the builder would like to have the whole building. Maybe I'll have to let him know it's not feasible. I just completed a 250 scan - 15,000 sq ft and all went well. I'm glad to know I can get up to 450 scans (@Jamie, did it try to crash at all, while working?) Has anyone done over 450 scans?
Zillow no longer supporting Matterport? RenderingSpace 11 10 months3Dwalkmethru (280): Home is very beautiful
Blocked in one direct and not the other - mefederau 9 10 monthsjscottsmith (106): I have a similar issue now. How did you decide which scan was the offending one?
Recovering iPad Scans Cabrahams 5 10 monthsWashingtonState360 (37): Fabulous news. Thanks for sharing the resolve. :)
Square Footage Off On Floor Plans, MP Issue? tydowning 7 10 monthsccctucker (151): This was talked about in a thread a long time ago. The scanner isn't designed for fine measurement in inches, but in feet. Most of the things that can alter the number is based on the infrared. If the light is bright, the points are collected at different distances, causing the mesh to take an average of distance over several points. If they are off on both opposite edges, that could double the error rate. I tell people you can measure for...
5 floors on capture app - 4 floors in Space! ArchimedStudio 7 10 monthspixelray (241): So, mine turned out ok. BUT, it did take 6 levels and turn it into 4 on its own. Weird, but it works.
Broken tile lines on dollhouse view 3Dwalkmethru 6 10 months3Dwalkmethru (280): Thanks Carlos
JohnLScott tour integration DigitalImageries 6 10 monthsDigitalImageries (43): Thanks!
missing 3D tour JCHAFE 3 10 monthsJCHAFE (19): Thanks, I placed a 2 at the end of the name and uploaded again....I wonder what happened to the first one? lost in the cloud....lol
Matterport app closing down after aligning EnvisionedSpaces 8 11 monthsny360east (22): same thing happened to us a few weeks ago. Had to purchase a new ipad. No issues since. unfortunately, u have to start again with a new ipad.
Matterport workshop with macbook htimsabbub23 8 11 monthsgofastpro (43): I have a late 2010 MacBook Air with SSD running tours and workshop in Safari just fine. The fan does run during workshop but no more than it does when I am running video on YouTube.
Walk through now no different from slide sho kenman 5 11 monthsgofastpro (43): Not sure what you are talking about here. The walkthrough is working fine on my models (blue line and all) and I don't know of any other "slideshow" where one can start walking around to different areas like on the Matterport shows and then continue through on your own or hit play to continue on the walkthrough.
schematics not appearing on link sent to us Dalivingston 4 11 monthsDalivingston (4): have to remember not to look for things on the ipad ...duh
Issues with Setting Start Position? CLE3D 6 11 monthsQueen_City_3D (847): I also can't get unity to load on IE. I often have difficulty with loading it on Chrome as well. So far Firefox has been the one dependable browser for using the workshop.
Highlight Reel Recorded with QT is Jerky Mikesobay 1 11 monthsMikesobay (112): I used QuickTime to record a Highlight Reel - Walkthrough as it moved through the property and found the result was jerky throughout. I'm guessing it has something to do with the frame rates not matching the output of Matterport, but don't know for certain. Has anyone who has had the same issue been able to successfully smooth the movement? Thanks
Full screen mode not working manolohk 20 11 monthsleeverdon (52): I used a presentation software as recommended by someone on this forum called Visme. www.visme.co It's great because you can embed the Matterport code into your presentation. However, I am still not able to see the full screen option. I'm coming across this more frequently lately which is becoming a nuisance. Has anyone else had any issues where the full screen option isn't available?
Need help capturing the properties views AllenThompson 6 11 monthsAllenThompson (4): My Dyslexia set in, this unit faces East. I do understand the concept and am scheduling another time to scan the property that may deliver better results. I will post what I get.
Editing - New Black spots on Windows why? walk360 9 11 monthswalk360 (37): Thanks for your recommendations JonJ and Pirusan! The extra scans we did was to covered some black spaces on the iPad so the Dollhouse will look perfect... yes it took us an extra hour to do those but one of our selling strategies are the dollhouses and we like them to be as close to perfect as possible. Like you both said, at this point I'll be trinng anything I can to make those black holes look better. thanks,
Several Alignment/Stitching Issues thebiggerpicture 8 11 monthsthebiggerpicture (13): All very good points here. Thanks @GarySnyder, @ArchimedStudio, and @danmorell for the feedback. I agree with Matt in terms of attention to detail. With over a decade of experience in print design, branding, web development, and photography, I've learned the details expose strengths and weaknesses. That said, I totally understand the technology is cutting-edge and I'm still getting familiar with maximizing potential and respecting limitations....
Facebook Matterport Users Group VTLV 7 1 yearVTLV (151): Thank you for sharing your experience Matt. Facebook seems to be a sensitive space for starters. This experience has shown me to focus on help in forums. Matterport help and support here first and nowhere else before contacting Matterport Tech support. Social Media sites appear to have members looking more for social interaction. When I saw our members contributions getting posted on Facebook. I couldn't help but to get sensitive and not see...
Cannot Add a Collaborator lisahinson 7 1 yearDanSmigrod (8722): @pirusan yes (And, yes. Makes no sense.) Dan
Can I empty a room? overview 3 1 yearoverview (4): I was hoping for a solution that works within the current MP farmework. Has anyone tried trimming inwards?
Time Saver Tip!!! How to Move Many Scans judysmithre 6 1 yearcraigsauer (751): The Capture App and Matterport processing actually don't care if you do all the scans on one floor. But it makes a mess of the floorplan sketch view on the Capture app if you do it.
Upload Times pixelray 6 1 yearpixelray (241): .25 MBPS upload speed - that's the problem. Not sure why it's this bad. Will have to call SP. Last time I checked that speed, it was close to 3 to 4. Sorry to bother with this - should have checked that first. It took 3 hours on one and the other is still uploading. Carlos I will look up how to do what you are suggesting. Thanks
Workshop Failed to Load (for specific model) Queen_City_3D 8 1 yearPetraSoderling (355): Hmm.. weird. The Workshop icon has changed for me and instead of the green/blue color box that says 'Workshop' it is now showing one or more screenshots from a room. This happens with all of my customer accounts right now. I've emailed MP, hope to hear from them soon.
Updating a Tour BestViewImaging 4 1 yearron0987 (541): Like both Jamie and Dan have pointed out it may take some time, I have gone in an added a few scans and they have immediately taken, I have had a few where I had to scan several times from different Heights or positions to get it to take. Good luck Ron
Pro Camera image quality problem yguo 17 1 yeargofastpro (43): @RGO I haven't had any problems on Safari (desktop or mobile) and I use it daily. hmmm Can you forward a copy of the link and I will test it on this side for you?
My order for Matterport 3D camera RossCo 10 1 yeardanmorell (73): Hi Candy4Me, 3 days is great. About a month ago it was 7 - 10 days.
LED and Florescent lighting effect on MP yoon2366 3 1 yearyoon2366 (34): Thank you for your advice, Gary. I really appreciate it.
Problem, Next floor Would not Align judysmithre 5 1 yearHarlanHambright (685): Are you SURE you had moved the capture app back to the first floor? I had that issue once. And sometimes I scan, create a new level and scan again w/o moving the camera.
Blacked out Area / Upload hung up processing stevenp92 6 1 yearstevenp92 (1): We were able to reach tech support so with sand blasted windows I guess the glass shoots light everywhere and confuses the camera which is why those areas were black as for the hang time they are having a technical glitch on their end thank you for all your help anyway Maria really appreciate the support.
Seemingly long upload ? ScanMan 2 1 yearlisahinson (598): The same thing happened to me on one last week with very few scans - It finally showed up. Yours probably will too!
"Failed" models Property3dNZ 12 1 yearMaria (103): I was reading up on your problem and found a thread that may be of interest. http://forum.we-get-around.com/topic/494/failed-to-generate-from-scan/ Have you tried duplicating the scan on the capture app and uploading the duplicate for processing?
Error 504 iGor 1 1 yeariGor (4): Removing the object collided with an error 504. This error does not allow for the film to pass into the next room, not allowing previous layers to stick together with the new. Tell me in what cases the error 504 occurs. And if there FAQ a description of all the errors that occur, please throw off a reference to it.
Suggestions to fix this please... pixelray 21 1 yearpixelray (241): FIXED!! It was a combination of what Cabrahams and Harlan suggested. Thanks guys! I moved the mirror out further on the chiffonier and I marked the fireplace as a mirror due to it's reflection and it worked! YES! Thank you guys!
Trouble Scanning Townhouse mallir 4 1 yearQueen_City_3D (847): Only way I know would be to scan an exterior pathway leading from the one area to the other... You wouldn't be able to do it in direct sunlight though.
10,000 sq ft + Job Cole 11 1 yearStevenHattan (886): No, I was not able to even SEE the master bedroom or 2nd bedroom.
What I miss with Matterport/Workshop KPunsvik 4 1 yearQueen_City_3D (847): @KPunsvik If I understand your concern correctly about "* “How to navigate”-pop-up disappears when enabling walkthrough.", there's an easy fix for that.... For that, you can customize your code as follows: ----------------------------------------------------------- Always show, or always hide, navigation help The help screen will display the first time a Matterport user loads a model. To ALWAYS show help, add the &help=1...
Misalignment franmts 7 1 yearCarlosFHdz (520): That is possible. I think you should send it to Matterport support so this can be analyzed and learned from so they can show how to prevent this in the future.
Powered by...... Alticon 5 1 yearkenangiguere (43): You can add a new "cover image" which shows up before you hit play, which is what wp3models and other providers do, but once you hit that play button it will load the actual Matterport tour and the typical Matterport logo will display. That is the part you cannot remove. A cover image can be manually created several ways with CSS overlayed images. A play button, and logo placed over the Matterport tour thumbnail for instance. Upon...
My.Matterport.com Down? EricThomas 6 1 yearStevenHattan (886): I had an issue yesterday.
Moiré-Artefacts on outdoor scan KPunsvik 3 1 yearKPunsvik (37): I have not seen the moiré effect on inside scans, but I imagine it is there, but not as visible as on outside scans. I thought it would be easy to remove this artefact with a built-in filter. So it seems that Matterport team has not integrated this filter in their camera. The artefact is not a big deal for me personally (or my customers), but it would be nice if it would be fixed in post.
Scanning a Concert Venue virtuallytheredfw 3 1 yearMetroplex360 (3472): If you find a good hiding spot, you can see the next concert for free!
Is Matterport working with Google Maps? VTLV 7 1 yearGarySnyder (1177): @VTLV This is a repeat to what I wrote in the link which Dan has been so kind to include in this section but I'll go over a few of the points to consider as well as add some additional if you're considering shooting for Google. As a former Google Trusted Photographer that is or was the status you needed to achieve to shoot and produce Business View (BV) for Google. the process is very time consuming, that is not the actual photography but the...
Issues with recent scan THRHHI 7 1 yearTHRHHI (136): Thsnks for looking at it Gary, Typically i shoot the whole living room and them open the door, scan and then move into the porch and scan and have not had any problems. Have never had an issue with the front door, although i always start with it open and then close it when I am 2 or 3 scans away. At this point even more perplexed as to why i can move through marked windows
Ticking noise while scanning? 3dHouseScan 12 1 yearDanSmigrod (8722): @Bill Seems like a great opportunity for Matterport to surprise and delight with a loaner program: especially because we are all the early adapters / key influencers. I can not even imagine being without the Camera for 2-4 weeks. I recall that happened to you when you needed the Camera re-calibrated. Enjoy your weekend. We're expecting 12-18 inches of snow Saturday in NYC and wind gusts up to 55 mph. I am glad I flew in early for Inman...
Scan Glitch niagrealtygroup 13 1 yearDanSmigrod (8722): @niagrealtygroup That's great news. Glad the challenge was identified and puzzle solved. It's a good example about the importance of marking mirrors. Best, Dan
Server Problems? ArchimedStudio 4 1 yearArchimedStudio (343): Thanks @Shane ! It was a long shot... I had problems with my account during the holidays, and had to create a new one in emergency. I've been using the second one ever since. Apparently, Matterport decided the new temporary one was due and disabled it. Good thing Matterport support works on Sundays! After resetting my first account, I was able to log in, and weirdly enough, all scans now work fine. @Jamie ... I use IE. When I couldn't open...
Swimming Pool Scan, help needed Conor 16 1 yearDanSmigrod (8722): @Conor One of the "wish list for 3D Showcase" Forum thread post that we shared with Matterport is the option to disable the dollhouse and/or floor plan views. Would this feature request be helpful to you with this model, if it was an option? Dan
Legal protection justinS Jump to first page31Jump to last page 1 yearcswartz (22): Hi Jamie, I would like to get a copy if possible. Thanks!
Issues in showcase PieroBortolot 12 1 yearandreabortolot (43): @vincent @HarlanHambright Thanks a lot! Now I know the trick... Merry Christmas
Scan button does not light or work dphi 5 1 yearShawen (37): Your problem was the date. So here is what happens. The Camera acts as the WiFi access point and hands out IP addresses to any device that connects. This connection procedure does not care about the dates on either device. Here comes the problem, The iPad connects to the camera via HTTPS. Even if you try and connect to port 80 you are automatically forwarded on to port 443 for a secure connection. When the date on the client system, in this case...
Crazy Shoot / Crazy Solution Metroplex360 4 1 yearMetroplex360 (3472): Tosolini - Thanks for posting the link to that thread. I read it and it was VERY interesting. I will say, the method I used relied on being able to run around with the Matterport and look VERY silly. I imagine in the church that you shot, running outside and back in would have been IMPOSSIBLE.
Unity works, showcase no walking in bedroom seanminor 4 1 yearseanminor (40): Thanks Carlos for you insight. I went back to the home and rescanned about 4 locations with the door open and now everything is right as rain. We had to lock the cats up in that room and scan the room last. My gut was telling me to do a few more scans further away with the door open and then move closer and through the doorway, but my ego got in the way. I thought I could accomplish with only two scans with door open. Great lesson though. Thanks
Custom Floor Names sshannon 4 1 yearpmjacoby (25): It's possible to change the names of the floors in Workshop Classic by just clicking on the floor name in the list of scans and typing a new name in. I tried doing the same in in the new version of Workshop and couldn't. Perhaps there's another way to do it in the new Workshop?
My Matterport is Down GarySnyder 9 1 yearGarySnyder (1177): Seems to be working now. Not sure what happen. Thanks all for your quick response :) All the best Gary
Highlight real - Blue line & Speed mefederau 8 1 yearShane (91): @mikeE I'm with you, it is unnecessarily complicated to get between floors especially stairs with landings that turn around 180 degrees. Bring on a take me up - down function.
messed up playback on android? Dennis_N 4 1 yearDennis_N (88): It seems like Firefox for Android has an issue with it. It blacks out after a few clicks (screen goes black except for the buttons), and soon after it crashes.
How to connect 2 apartment homes in 1 model JCHAFE 7 1 yearpheller (91): I did a house with a detached guest house. We just did two scans and used WP3D to build a landing page. Here is the link: http://sdinspect.com/3d-virtual-tours/5456-calzada-del-bosque-rancho-santa-fe-ca-92067/ Be sure to scroll down.
Missing Room in Dolls House Noel 4 1 yearron0987 (541): On your Ipad did you use the trim tool, I have seen this when the trim tool was not complete and or not used appropriately. I also saw that when you went outside it was extremely bright which does not work good with this system. I also saw you could not come in from the outside on the patio, was the sliding glass door ever shut? But back to the original issue, you usually see the missing rooms when you do multiple floors and trim tool not...
Image missalignment artifact Dennis_N 5 1 yearJamie (1498): Or the quick release bracket (if you have one)
Scans that are permanently on the cloud? Dennis_N 3 1 yearDennis_N (88): Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give that a try.
Blackout RenderingSpace 9 1 yeargofastpro (43): My clients were both using broadband - one at home (connected to provider by home wifi)the other at their office; they were not going through a mobile provider. I sent a write-up to support yesterday and will post any response I get back today.
Slow camera connection geoffllerena 5 1 yeargeoffllerena (7): Yes I tried too. Someone's answer on Facebook that makes sense too: Michael said: "Most likely there was a high 2.4GHz traffic in that place and when Matterport device opened its access point (AP), negotiated a slow transfer channel with the neighboring APs. Why? Well, that's how 802.11x standards are written. The bandwidth is limited, the more members, the slow it gets. What to do? restart the camera to give it another run of the...
Rectangular Gray Patch Grant 2 1 yearJamie (1498): Yep I had the same problem once. The black area would move around. I assumed it was sunlight related but never found out what caused it
Glass walls and partitions. chdsi80 2 1 yearGarySnyder (1177): You need to mark-up the glass walls as windows otherwise you can walk right through the walls to any spot that you've shot a scan as the camera thinks it a clear approach. Make sure that you leave the door open into each office otherwise you won't be able to enter the office. I would suggest marking up the glass wall as you shoot the office complex. This will help the camera align each scan correctly.
How do you compete with Google? tradetickers 6 1 yeartradetickers (10): Matterport may get bought out by google at this rate
Floors too bright? Glare causes issues! Jake 6 1 yearUnrealerAleksi (49): We've had issues with sun light all the time. We are quite up north, so in the winter sun is low and really makes it difficult to scan some rooms, if there are no blinds. Does anybody have any ideas how to handle the situation, except for planning the time of the scan etc.? We were thinking about getting some type of canvas/sticker with suction cups etc. to place on the windows, to be able to "capture the dollhouse" when there are no...
Get default background image JacobClausen 7 1 yearrpetersn (1069): Hey @mikeE... No, WP3D doesn't currently obscure/obfuscate/hide/etc any of the URL data. One could potentially try to do some of that using Javascript or something, but any decent developer would be able to see through it using a modern browser's debugging tools. I suppose there's a bit of "security through obscurity" you might gain....but not sure how much it'd be worth it. Are you having a problem with people...
Scanning 2 levels with no interior stairs markmc90 7 1 yearJamie (1498): No to combining later unfortunately. Hope it worked out
Errors floor Max_Sodomovskiy 6 1 year3DVUE (31): supposedly the fix for this is coming in two weeks.
invisible doors Showcas3D 7 1 yearmikeE (34): I think the trick the distance at which you transition.
Why was a new Floor Created?? KenBanks 4 1 yearKenBanks (7): @Daniel1977 There are only physically 3 floors in the house. However in the showcase model, over on the bottom right where you can select the floors, the software created 4 floors for some reason. Standing out on the patio is floor 1, then a step inside the basement is now listed as floor 2. That should all be Floor 1. I had this issue once before but there was an obvious bad scan. I don't really notice anything strange in this model.
Cant move from inside to outside area ? Gerhard 11 1 yearGerhard (25): Hi Gents, Thank you it worked. Have a great weekend.
App Bug / Alignment Bug / Wifi Bug Richard 2 1 yearcdpmedia (43): Richard, Sorry I cant help resolve any of your technical questions. But your entry brings forward serious concerns I have with MP. Foremost, How is it that you have to turn to a forum to resolve this unresolved problem. How is it that the company that sold you the $4500 camera and the hefty processing and monthly fees hasnt jumped to attention to sort it out? And my even bigger concern is how could a well established user like you with...
Odd problems in workshop mode only childert 4 1 yearWalkVirtually (4): I agree it's challenging and not time effective. I've done 2 shoots on the same yacht-a catamaran. When you're up in the captains area which is 2nd level, you're zoomed down to the head. I don't think that's what the Captain wants to portray! I do have to say with the challenges, we're certainly getting all of future obstacles out of the way.
Extreme lag time today - anyone else? pixelray 5 2 yearspixelray (241): Update - thanks for all your input. I spent an hour on phone with MP support - great team there btw - he concluded that my scanning problem and taking so long for the transfer/connecting to camera to complete it's process had to do with some type of wifi interference in the building. I was in a high rise apartment building. There were 100's of wifi connections within this building. I am not a "techie", but I guess that seems to be...
Opening the 3D Showcase within a mobile app. tejas_mithapelli 6 2 yearsfranmts (169): Any good news here Tejas? Best.
Zillow Aghachi101 3 2 yearsinna (1): I see some people starting to chime in please keep this going.
overlapping rooms in preview qmutton 11 2 yearsPieroBortolot (148): Hi guys, I made this work in 2 separate times In the Capture App it was created an overlapping in a room, as shown in the picture As you can see from the images, result two doors between the two rooms, in the floorplan and in the dollhouse In the showcase I can't go through the door and I can't go from room to room and the rings are on the wall What should I do to fix this? (in the same palace, on 2nd floor I had another overlapping...
Can't get through the door THRHHI 4 2 yearsTHRHHI (136): Thanks Jesse, That is exactly what I did. I left the opening for the door on the first floor but on the second floor I marked the windows across the whole wall as they appear. Obviously it did take it all the way down to the first floor. Made the change, re-uploaded and it worked perfectly. Thanks for your time and expertise. Tom
Sky Light problems DigitalImageries 7 2 yearsDanSmigrod (8722): @DigitalImageries In your Capture workflow, when you have direct sunlight, do that space later in the shoot (as described by @ccctucker). When that's not possible - shooting a stairwell that has a skylight, for example – that you need to shoot to get to the next floor, shoot the stairwell anyway. Then, during the same shoot, return to the stair well to re-scan. In 3D Workshop, disable the original scans. Dan
"Camera not stable" on almost every scan pixelray 18 2 yearsHarlanHambright (685): I use a 2 axis bubble level i bought back in the 1980s that i used for my Globuscope. it is screwed to the matter port and the quick release plate screws to it. Anyone in the market for a non-functioning Globuscope?
Bug Max_Sodomovskiy 2 2 yearsJohnBecker (385): Max, this is a known issue. I've been experiencing this problem for almost 2 months now. They're working on it, but the fix is complicated by the impending update for iOS. They want to make sure whatever they do to fix the problem won't be broken by the new iOS version. So we'll have to wait a bit longer. The good news is that the erroneous location of the blue dot, while troubling, will not affect your model. If the scan aligns, you're ok.
Zillow virtual tour are not featured anymore inna 2 2 yearsCathieRasch (112): Inna, I don't know but I hope that they do, I just got my camera and would love to use that button! How else are you marketing your Matterport, both with buyers and sellers. I am working on my marketing plan and would love to corroborate if you're interested.
Download Screen Capture Errors Queen_City_3D 11 2 yearsrpetersn (1069): Hey Dan... Where would the static text come from...is this something unique you'd want to enter/set for yourself? Or, could it use the name of the model? Something like this could be possible...but it'd be a bit more work on my end. Maybe we can put a bounty on this for me to put some more time into it? I'd be willing to continue to cover the hosting cost.
Help: Overlay on Floorplan.Pictures attached Grant 7 2 yearsccctucker (151): Is the top floor a loft that may overlook the maim floor? If so, you would just move the cutoff lines around the portion of the scan that you want on the main floor. Another thing is to complete the trim lines around the entire floor, it looks like you only covered windows, and mirrors. That will also help clean up stray points that appear in the dollhouse mode. I will normally put a complete box around it. See example ...
Scanned area completely black EricThomas 9 2 yearsEricThomas (109): I did not submit a ticket to Matterport....Once i deleted those scans and started over it was fine. I was reaching out to this community to see if others had the same issue, and if I should be concerned long term about it.
Doors that must be opened/closed pixelray 6 2 yearspixelray (241): awesome. thanks Jamie. This has been driving me crazy.
Door Issues (URGENT) 3DListings 7 2 yearsCarlosFHdz (520): 3Dlistings, deleting a scan and uploading is different than disabling because of what Dan said, it changes the mesh and will chenage the ability to walk through places.
Consumer Trouble Shooting Guide Queen_City_3D 11 2 yearsRenderingSpace (601): @Queen_City_3D Just noticed that that you posted more on that thread and have had the same problem.
Checklist for seller? justinS 3 2 yearsJerry_D (7): That would be nice, to have a checklist to send to sellers prior to the scan appointment.
Advice for re-scanning craigsauer 12 2 yearsRobV (16): Thanks Guys... Rob
Rats! WebGL hit a snag. RenderingSpace 11 2 yearsQueen_City_3D (847): http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/a16f948c80cedb1051b2cd8c4a5e7603.png I also had an real estate agent's assistant not be able to open the link on Firefox or Chrome. This was the screenshot she sent. Browsers are supposedly the most recent. If it got passed this page at all it was just a black screen with the walkthrough, dollhouse and floorplan icons, but no model. The agent was concerned that if they can't open it and need technical...
Basement merged with Main Floor? Jake 5 2 yearsJake (22): Thanks for the input guys. I received this response from Matterport: Each time you upload a model, a new model is created in your portal account. The good news is the re-uploads of existing models do not count against your monthly plan. A little insight into the multi floor feature, the software which determines how to display the levels does not actually use the level designations you assign during the scanning process, (those are...
Posting on Facebook - Download File? 3dHouseScan 20 2 years3dHouseScan (52): Update from Matterport: I contacted matterport about this (before it was resolved) and here is their reply. "Hello Aya, Good news: this should be fixed by the end of the day. Facebook has a bug, which we've launched a work-around to address. That is currently propagating through the various servers, hence the delay in seeing the update. I'd suggest trying a fresh Facebook post in 2 hours, and letting me know if that works!" So...
What's the average processing time? CarlosFHdz 11 2 years3dHouseScan (52): UPDATE: After 12 hours of processing and emailing/calling Matterport, my model is complete! Weird part is, I didn't receive an email saying that the model is ready to view. Oh well. When it doubt, reach out.. to Matterport. https://my.matterport.com/models/Xq2o9b33FjQ
Problems with clients opening showcase link childert 10 2 yearscraigsauer (751): Yes, that's right. This is the link I gave my client for my most recent scan for the MLS: http://3dinteriorscanning.com/3d-model/6443-e-marita-st/?fullscreen Craig
Android issues? AltitudeCinematic 6 2 yearsJacques (94): I do alse have the problem on my : - Tablet (Galaxy Note 10'' 2014 Edition) Android "customized/provided by Samsung" However I have no problem on my : - Phone (Galaxy S3) Android "Cyanogen Mod" (flashed by myself) From my very short experience, it seems that Samsung put something in it's Android customization that prevents Matterport Showcase to work as expected... Jacques
Support Multi-language for 3D Showcase vrealstudio 2 2 yearsGweb (7): Hi vrealstudio, I agree that Matterport's lack of multi-lingual support is a frustrating problem. If you're displaying your models on a website running WordPress, one solution is to use our Matterport WordPress plugin called WP3D Models. One of its many cool features is that it's "internationalized." This means it can be quickly translated into any non-English language. We're currently running an introductory discount for the...
3D Workshop Not Working in Google Chrome? CKC 10 2 yearsdavidpylyp (175): wow Glenda Thank you Have been struggling with this for a few weeks Thank you!
Threat to Matterport Users? Queen_City_3D 8 2 yearsTosolini (1099): If I were Matterport, I'd focus on the magic of their software. The writing is on the walls that the hardware is not going to be a big differentiator in the future, and prices are coming down. I think they are smart embracing threats like Google Project Tango, which allows you to scan a room in 3D using a simple device. The quality might not be there yet, but it's a matter of time that everybody will be able to do basic scans with their tablets...
Scan problem. 2500sq.m Andrew 5 2 yearsAndrew (217): Hi everyone! Ipad Air2 fixed my problem :) (as @DanSmigrod said). So, the result of my first matterport experience is here: https://my.matterport.com/models/YGfaNRBMjs9 I will be glad to hear advices, criticism and recommendations. Andrew
Failed to Generate from Scan NoRC 15 2 yearsNoRC (16): Well thought I would post an update, I sent Matterport an email about the issue. They duplicated the job 4 times, of that 2 actually rendered out and are now available while 2 others failed. So at least the issue is their end and not the upload/shoot. Will post more as I find out.
Scanpoint problems JulianHowardCT 15 2 yearsHomeBaseTeam (10): I had this problem 2jobs ago! i couldn't get into the Master Bedroom and my scan would 'sink' like the picture. it looked like an invisible wall. i went back and re-shot the Master, deleting all the old scans in that room and reloaded it, and same problem. Finally i realized, the third floor had a loft area that was shorter than the back-wall of the house (bc it had a rooftop patio)so i had a window marking right above the Master entrance. even...
Changing Floors by MP Rik 4 2 yearsNoRC (16): Has there been any progress on this? I ask as we have the same issue, level 1 & 2 are mixed together along with the ground floor. No matter how we group the scans in the app the process is the same. http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/fec147b18232ffd01f5059acf38eab4d.jpg You can see it and the other oddities in this URL. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=wi5JDNsiTH8
Insurance for Camera Queen_City_3D 4 2 yearsdavidpylyp (175): Just secured a rider under my home insurance policy for a camera with serial number Cost me 110 per year for damage, drop, theft well worth it
problems with scans PieroBortolot 20 2 yearsPieroBortolot (148): Hi guys, I rescanned the abbey and now the SC works good I deleted the old scans where there was the problems and add new scan The blue stains disappeared and I can go through the door between the 2 little rooms (2nd floor) Problem solved here the SC clickable text
Problem with scan Jennifer 3 2 yearscrullier (16): Good info ladies.
Potential Issue with iOS 8.4 + Capture 2.1.2 DanSmigrod 6 2 yearsJohnBecker (385): I updated my iPad Air 2 yesterday and had no problems. Did a successful scan today.
Do deleted scans count to upload scan total? Queen_City_3D 11 2 yearsJamie (1498): Yep. You could re-upload 99 or 110 and not be charged. On that note, if you trim a duplicate 110 to 99 and upload, you will be charged for 1. If you then upload the 110 after, they charge you an additional 1 (2 in total) That's from experience :( and it was 103
Camera Placement versus alignment/stitching DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (8722): @CKC Wow! Thank you for this update about the firmware update. I imagine that the MP team will want to get this fixed pronto. Glad you helped them identify this ... Dan
MP Models failing to load on iphones Rentertainment 7 2 yearsfalconshakka (67): interesting ...I was pretty sure in could be a memory problem but if your saying its still crashing I have an iphone 5S and I haven't had any problems with it sorry man I cant think of anything else
Issues with Samsung phones pattimurray 2 2 yearsJamie (1498): I have a note 4 and it works ok I just saw it load on an edge the other day using Chrome
Gov agencies requiring secure MP Model Links Rentertainment 7 2 yearsDoyleRealtor (511): Have you considered Toursler? There has to be a way to keep the content private. It has been a concern for a few homeowners we've shot for already, but we were able to just delete the scans of areas of concern like offices, closets etc. The public not wanting their private residences completely mapped is a legitimate concern. Most of the homes we've been doing are vacant, but we already present it as an option. In most cases the pros will out...
Help! 21,000 sf model; 197 Scans Crashes my iPad Max_Sodomovskiy 3 2 yearsVizocube (28): Max I uploaded model for galaxy note 4. No problem ... as the scan is large enough it can be loaded for a long time , depending on the Internet speed. We had a scan of a shopping center that's three floors.it makes sence sometimes to split them up. You can copy the model in capture app and delete one of the levels and re upload. Matterport suggested for us to make sure that we are running updated capture app and also most recent updated I pad...
MP Capture App Kept Crashing Out GarySnyder 10 2 yearsGarySnyder (1177): Update from Bob at MP support Hello Gary, I suspect you have already heard this through the grapevine but since it had been a few days since we chatted thought i would update you directly. While there continues to be investigation into the cause of this issue, there is some indication that it is memory related. Engineering is currently working on some improvements in this area which will likely make their way into the next release of the...
Black Spaces showing up on clients browser MikeRosenhahn 9 2 yearsMikeRosenhahn (19): Thank you guys for all your help! I passed all this information off to my client and it was something to do with their computer (I'm just not sure exactly what it was yet). You guys are great! Thanks for taking the time to help out.
Camera Refused to See Any Additional Scans GarySnyder Jump to first page39Jump to last page 2 yearsGarySnyder (1177): UPDATE: Just finished a job that took 290 scans to complete 197 scans. The same problem cropped up several time again. Thanks goodness I knew what to look out for this time or I would have bee screwed In so far as the new update which I had uploaded before the shoot it did no good so everyone please be aware if scans go missing look at your entire mini-map and I'm sure you will find the missing scan. Then delete the scan and move closed to the...
Why You Do Not Want to Delete 3D Models DanSmigrod 11 2 yearsCKC (76): Those are very very good points, thanks Dan!
Do You Need WiFi to Scan a Remote Location? CKC 13 2 yearsJamie (1498): I think the aliens on the far side of the moon might take the camera and reverse engineer it. Hey maybe that's a good thing, we can have our upgrades then
Link on facebook Canada 3 2 yearsTim (355): Check the ad for Facebook solutions
Client complaint (when using older PCs) craigsauer 8 2 yearscraigsauer (751): @alex3D I just checked it again, and now I can't get through. Weird! Last time I checked I went through no problem, with the only weird thing being a brief flash of black screen as I went through it. (And that property you linked to isn't mine, although it's pretty cool!)
Embed the showcase asset into Facebook? Canada 2 2 yearscraigsauer (751): There are several threads here about this issue, which you can find by using the search funcion here. There's no straightforward way to get it to work, but workarounds have been found. 1. You can create a subpage on your own business page for the property and include some nice stills in a gallery, and then have your clients use the link to that page instead of the direct link. The upside is that you get publicity to your site. 2. If you...
First Complete Test Scan 5000+ sq ft EscapeVelocity 2 2 yearsEscapeVelocity (25): Support responded that there's a bug in the trim tool. Engineering is going to look into the tearing issue.
25,000 sq/ft TrueSpaces 8 2 yearsDanSmigrod (8722): @TripleSpaced Wow! I wonder if 25,000 sf is the record. I recently created this 16,000 sf model with 212 scans. (I probably shot nearly 400 scans; duplicated the model then deleted until I was at about 280 scans and then deactivated scans until I was at 212. I had managed our client's expectations that we might need to deliver as two separate models since officially Matterport supports up to 10,000 sf and update 200 scans. Plus, manage...
Dollhouse Levels grantmuller 11 2 yearsgrantmuller (28): NICE!
Issues with the new capture update Jamie 16 2 yearsTim (355): Looks like a textbook lighting issue Kal...as for the sink, the scan processes shiny metallic objects as if they weren't there. I'm up at the moment so feel free to call me if you'd like to discuss further.
Changes to my.Matterport.com Glenda 12 2 yearsSourxstar (31): same email here too...looks like we might get it fixed
Workshop 2 Bugs (and Work-Around)+ Problem DanSmigrod 9 2 yearsTim (355): Yep, had done before this post. Cheers