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How to Embed an iGuide 3D Tour in the Forum DanSmigrod 11 24 daysfrstbubble (253): @DanSmigrod that was just from another post about a reply from Matterport saying that some options may be available in that time frame. I think it came from a news letter.
iGuide: Real-world time to capture a home Alex_iGuide 3 11 daysAlex_iGuide (187): While iGuide technology has automatic mapping mode where the space map is built as you walk through space, it is not the only way to map. iGuide does not force scan alignment to be maintained onsite like Matterport. With iGuide, you can scan two adjacent rooms and align them manually, either onsite or later at home. The two rooms may have very little overlap in terms of common points - mostly at the door and the overlap percentage may be as low...
Embedding a 3d tour (iGUIDE) in a website Chris_iGuide 3 14 daysKoaWare (79): Hey @chris_iguide & KoaWare users, With KoaWare Property Websites, simply copy & paste the embed code OR url directly into the 3D field section! http://recordit.co/ot16953gXn
20 Questions Live: iGuide versus Matterport DanSmigrod Jump to first page76Jump to last page 17 daysDanSmigrod (8563): Hi All, Other questions for @Kevin_iGuide ...? Dan
Top 5 most overlooked features of the iGuide Chris_iGuide 2 28 daysChris_iGuide (97): Here is an embedded sample to play with: [iguide]https://youriguide.com/sample_way_waterloo_on[/iguide]
Google Trusted Pro / MP2SV / Matterport DanSmigrod 3 1 monthin3perspective (7): I'm honestly considering to switch to iGuide..
iGuide Camera: Top 5 underrated features Chris_iGuide 5 1 monthMetroplex360 (3331): @Alex_iGuide I'm sorry for my incorrect terminology. I don't tend to think or work with 3D and had misappropriated '3D'. I usually think of the Z axis as being 3D... and when -I- think of the Z axis, I'm thinking that a panorama is X & Y and that the distance into the photograph (that doesn't really exist) is Z. The 2D Lidar scanner is really scanning what I perceive to be the X and Z axises. It lacks the Y axis. I think it's quite...
How long is iGuide post processing time? Chris_iGuide 1 1 monthChris_iGuide (97): I was recently asked how long it takes to process the data from the iGuide camera system before submitting it. Here is a short video that demonstrates the process from start to finish: https://youtu.be/6RC5HEqRQAo The answer will vary from house to house but in this case the answer is 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Chris
Floor Areas in iGuide Alex_iGuide 5 2 monthsAlex_iGuide (187): Of course you can, see this post for example. In addition to photospheres, you can get complete iGuide download for offline viewing or self-hosting. You can download a sample zip from the iGuide Report (scroll to Offline iGuide). That particular iGuide does not have photospheres as the iGuide Operator did not export them, but otherwise it has everything else that comes with iGuide: cubic pano tiles, PDF and SVG floor plans, still image...
Posting photo spheres on Facebook? (iGuide) Chris_iGuide 3 2 monthsChris_iGuide (97): There is an example here: https://www.facebook.com/Planitar/ Cheers, Chris
iGuide-Planitar 3D Platform>Indepth Analysis DanSmigrod 11 2 monthsChris_iGuide (97): @JuMP I've updated the links for you. Cheers, Chris
iGuide As A Platform - Thoughts RGO 7 2 monthsDanSmigrod (8563): @RGO The short answer is all or nothing ... The iGuide System is a platform that includes: ✓ hardware ✓ software ✓ processing ✓ hosting For the iGuide magic to work, all the pieces need to work together. Just because you have four tires and a steering wheel, doesn't mean to you can drive ... I hear your concern – "but I already own a 3D Camera and a DSLR camera" ... Rather than looking at this as an expense, decide if...
Edit a 360° panorama in Photoshop (iGuide) Chris_iGuide 5 2 monthsChris_iGuide (97): @Baxter Yes, you can edit the whole thing as one image if you like. However, editing the fisheye images fits better into my workflow. http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/a92fde413ee727ee6f6e8870d9f7c825.jpg
Thanks iGuide for 32 cents! Metroplex360 1 3 monthsMetroplex360 (3331): http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/a8bb70c1da59f0945c05a38c837c47e2.png http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/721447cfec1400a0ed1428aaf47c1123.png http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/97a32f76c6dfde1efa816f8bf9fc8277.png http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/250a81efaaed41cb8b152985ee3dbaea.png I'm rich!
iGuide to Google Street View Maps Helen 7 3 monthsKevin_iGuide (109): Hi kevshed, We began limited testing the Streetview program mid-November with a couple dozen of our iGuide Pro's and response has been incredible to @Metroplex360 's innovation. Local businesses see the cost as a no-brainer too; especially the ones paying for google and facebook ads. Given the holiday decorations in December a number of Pro's are booking up their slow periods in January and February with Business Tours. Here is a demonstration...
iGuide Camera System from Planitar for Pros DanSmigrod 8 3 monthsMetroplex360 (3331): It's only clever to make a Snorlax Pokemon appear in a closed-system tour by injecting him in at runtime.
ICSF16 Matterport versus Planitar's iGuide DanSmigrod 3 8 monthsDanSmigrod (8563): Hi @Kevin_James I look forward to getting an iGuide demo (and doing a video Q&A like this) for the MUG Forum community. Best, Dan
ICSF16-Planitar iGuide DanSmigrod 1 8 monthsDanSmigrod (8563): http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/63b8b7d13270c7b0632a35a1672ba923.png http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/1706bb675c9284161b9e6f076b4398c8.png http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/f2d885d42605db1437a806989e5a5aba.png Screen grabs from the ICSF16 Virtual Event Bag. Within the Inman Connect San Francisco 2016 (ICSF16) app is a promo (no coupon) for Matterport competitor, iGuide from Planitar. I will stop by their booth for a demo....
Matterport versus iGuide (Which and Why) DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsDoyleRealtor (511): I've talked to many folks at Matterport, the owner of Toursler, and just recently Kevin with iGuide. All 3 companies have solid products, and are continuing to innovate in a new market category for real estate which is very exciting. Ultimately it comes down to 1) availability in your market place, and 2) whether or not the end user wants to do the scanning themselves or higher it out to a professional. From what I've seen with Toursler &...