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Videos: PhotoUp RE Image Editing Service DanSmigrod 14 26 daysDanSmigrod (10159): @nat_vanveen Here's the transcript for video 4 of 5. Dan --- Dan Smigrod: [00:00:01] Welcome back. We've been talking with Devon Higgins with PhotoUp. ... along with our virtual audience. Chris in Southland Texas, Doug in San Francisco and Kathy in Seattle. Thank you all for joining us. We were talking about pricing. Again, I'm probably over-simplifying it to say between a dollar and $2 per image depending on what kind of volume you're...
PhotoUp: Real Estate Photo Editing Service DanSmigrod 23 1 monthDevonHiggins (67): Love that you were able to "edit" at the same time you were on the call! ;) Appreciate all of the positive feedback, @Metroplex360 and a huge thank you to @DanSmigrod and the rest of the panel for hearing more about PhotoUp and our socially responsible editing service. :) Looking forward to helping more of the We Get Around community scale and grow their businesses!
WGAN-TV Live: PhotoUp Real Estate Photo Edit DanSmigrod 9 1 monthDevonHiggins (67): Looking forward to it, @DanSmigrod! :cool::D
PhotoUp and Matterport Snapshots examples foxwrth13 17 1 monthDevonHiggins (67): Hi @PedroPretell, Yes, we certainly do! We do charge 3 credits for panorama stitching and editing. The cost per credit will range from $1-2 depending on what plan size you are using. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to message me directly at devon@photoup.net. Chat soon, Devon
Thumbs up to Photoup! Rootsyloops 16 1 monthDevonHiggins (67): Thanks for all of the positive feedback @Rootsyloops @Gransky and @nat_vanveen! :-) @foxwrth13 @Helen @hometakes and @Radie842 please feel free to reach out via phone (888-330-7559) or email (devon@photoup.net) if you would like any additional information about PhotoUp. In order to receive your We Get Around $100 discount and start your $1 trial today, please click the link below: ...