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Threads tagged with 'InsideMaps'

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Video: InsideMaps Presentation at GSV17 DanSmigrod 6 8 monthsHelen (691): @Metroplex360 Maybe thats what it is for the proplan? Not sure? Either way seems expensive!
Compare 5 3D Systems: Hosting/Processing DanSmigrod 13 1 yearmcatino (118): @Metroplex360 thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated. Would be interested in your retouch process and I think I am sold on MP. I agree that it is not photography and therefore we can't stop those with $$$ that get into this as a business. I have desided to use Insidemaps as a low cost solution for realtors on the cheap and will mark up $$ MP service just because there is a huge difference between them. The fact that it uses a iPhone is...
Technical Comparison of 3D/VR Platforms .pdf DanSmigrod 2 1 yearJC3DCX (799): Thanks, very informative, and handy,
InsideMaps 3D/VR Platform: Indepth Analysis DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (13480): Video: InsideMaps HERO 360 Rotor in Action | Source: InsideMaps Video: Source: Inside Maps InsideMaps 3D/VR Platform: Indepth Analysis In the single most comprehensive hands-on side-by-side analysis, We Get Around Blog Guest Columnist, Paul Collart ( @pcollart ), compares five (5) 3D/VR Camera Systems/ Hosting/Processing. This Forum post includes an...
Chart: Comparing Five 3D/VR Platforms DanSmigrod 7 1 yearfrstbubble (358): @pcollart Thank you for the comparison! I am still partial to Matterport for 3 main reason and many more sub-reasons. The three main reasons are the Dollhouse View, Mattertags, and the user experience during the viewing.