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Alternative for confidential tours - CUPIX Snap Jump to first page45Jump to last page 15 dayslauks (10): Hi,@Metroplex360 , is your CUPIX test based on the 360 snapshots from MP (right out of the workshop?)?. My exports are just 2k Panos, how did you get access to higher res Panos? cheers
How much for hosting 300+ Matterport Spaces? DanSmigrod 5 8 monthsPHILG (76): How many do your largest clients have?
Price over 100 scans conVRts_JB 17 1 yearTourMySpace (61): Yeah thats no fun.
WordPress vs Drupal | WordPress vs Joomia DanSmigrod 4 1 yearMetroplex360 (6346): I just re-read my post and I meant 'if I use best practices' :)
Hosting Fees passed to Customer? lisahinson 11 2 yearssrennick (301): COSTS are about .60 per month after the max. I asked.
Hosting Fees leeverdon 5 2 yearsleeverdon (100): Great suggestion, thanks Metroplex360!
hosting tours plus URL's JCHAFE 14 2 yearsrpetersn (1516): Hi @chdsi80, I'm not sure I'm 100% following you...can you try elaborating a bit more? WP3D Models leverages WordPress' ability to offer analytics for 'model' views that happen on your site. Additionally, because WP3D Models includes the option for custom embedding, one can obtain analytics data for model views when that model is embedded elsewhere on the web. In other words, you can add a model to your site (running WP3D Models), and then...
Web Host Contracts Noel 3 2 yearsNoel (94): @3DscannUK fair/good idea, thanks
Matterport By The Numbers DanSmigrod 4 3 yearsJamie (1549): Accuracy isn't 1" I measure with laser and I checked the same point the other day and a 50 foot measurement was off by 11 inches. This isn't within standard measuring tolerance