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Threads tagged with 'Hololens'

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Looking for compelling AR + MP scenarios Tosolini 5 5 daysDanSmigrod (13093): @Tosolini Yes. :cool: Garmin VIRB is a great example of AR mashed up with 360º video. Please see this WGAN-TV Live at 5 ... ✓ WGAN-TV>Garmin Virb 360º Camera Demo/Discuss Da
[R&D] Interacting with MP models in Hololens Tosolini 5 7 daysDanSmigrod (13093): @Tosolini, like @jfantin says :cool: Dan
Video of the Week: Tosolini Productions DanSmigrod 1 7 daysDanSmigrod (13093): https://youtu.be/iJ05U2u0G8I Video: Microsoft engaged Tosolini Productions to Matterport 3D scans of some of the Microsoft public spaces, and to develop a custom Hololens app to visualize them in Mixed Reality. --- Hi All, To help inspire you to succeed faster, each week I post a great marketing videos by a We Get Around Network Member. This video (above) shows Matterport mashed up with Hololens by @Tosolini Productions. AMAZING....
HoloLens Meets Matterport Object File (.OBJ) DanSmigrod 5 5 monthsnat_vanveen (556): @DanSmigrod funny Dan :D Can you also please organise a WGAN Event so that we can all come to the US!!!
Matterport to Hololens TuanDinh 11 8 monthsJuMP (550): @TuanDinh We developed hololens effect in our showcase for proof of concept clickable text. Press "middle mouse key" at any point you like when you enter the room. (Would you please use Chrome under Windows system for best result?) It is a POF and any Matterport showcase can work like this within browser, Unity3D is not required. BTW you can also try to press "right mouse key" to start measure something if you...