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Threads tagged with 'floorplan'

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Google Maps Indoor Beta? VR360Pop 4 8 monthsVR360Pop (61): We're going to try a MP floor plan today. I will update.
Archilogic>2D Floor Plan to 3D Model Service DanSmigrod 25 10 monthsGerhard (211): The Archilogic platform and team are just amazing. I met with them late last year at their head office in Zurich. The founders are fantastic gentleman and is an absolute pleasure working with them. They are very quick to respond or assist if you have a problem or a question. The turnaround time is the best in the industry and I personally think as they expand their softwares capabilities they will be the market leader, I have seen some beta...
20 Questions Live: 2D Floor Plan to 3D Tour DanSmigrod 27 11 monthsDavid_Archilogic (61): @JonJ Thanks for the interest. I will certainly let you know when that functionality is added. To move around in VR, you need a Cardboard V2 (you can do it with the 1th gen Cardboard too, but need to put your finger on the screen - which is a bit clunky). You can walk around using the button on the top of the Cardboard.
CartoBlue Interactive Area and Image Maps DanSmigrod 3 1 yearDanSmigrod (13510): @pirusan Yes. I anticipate doing a 20 Questions with CartoBlue in January. CartoBlue offers great services to Matterport Service Providers that can be included in a bundle or offered as an option extra. I also imagine that Matterport Pros could get new business from multi-family home communities because of the CartoBlue interactive image and area maps. Best, Dan
Matterport Schematic Floor Plans for $14.99 DanSmigrod 16 1 yearStevenHattan (1510): Well, Gus...good for you. I also sent an order in to Blue Sketch today and guess what.... Yep...back already and delivered to the customer. I love Matterport for 3D Walk-throughs and I love Blue Sketch for floor plans and Virtual Staging.
2D floor plan APN 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (13510):
Tip: Scanning for 2D Schematic Floor Plans DanSmigrod 2 2 yearscraigsauer (994): Being able to use updateable links is a HUGE benefit of the WP3D plugin. Just today I got a call from a realtor who found out that an unpermitted loft in a property I'd scanned for him was getting him in trouble with the property's HOA. I was able to delete the scan locations in the loft (from a copy of the data on the Capture App of course!), reprocess it, and paste the new matterport URL in the WP3D model page and the realtor didn't have to...
Matterport Launches Schematic Floor Plans Maria 15 2 yearsProperty3dNZ (511): @Noel WOW! That's ridiculous! I have worked closely with MP for at least 8 months before metric measurements were released - the ridiculous thing is that the very first release of MP had metric measurements! I have actually been told during a skype meeting by Katharine Nevins (who works in the Product Management team) that it automatically creates in metric and they have to convert it to imperial! So frustrating!
Free 2D House Floor Plan from MP 3D Tour DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (13510): Hi All, Blue-Sketch created these 2D Floor Plans from our Matterport Space (formerly known as 3D Showcase) for our client's listing. (Among other things, we bundle 2D Floor Plans in our pricing to our client.) Dan ...
RoomSketcher: Fast/Flexible Floor Plans DanSmigrod 16 2 yearsCutrer (7): Really great service. Quick, good communication, and quality floor plans. I plan on using Petra for any future floor plan needs.
Matterport Schematic Floor Plans-Join Beta DanSmigrod 10 2 yearsDoyleRealtor (511): The way it was explained at inman connect is that this would be outsourced through a 3rd party but the order processing and fees would be done by Matterport. It didn't sound like there was a way for it to be automatically completed or created by user yet. Keep in mind a recent study of home buyers found that virtual tours, professional photography, floor plans, and neighborhood information were the 4 most important items when browsing homes...
Floorplan of multi level home markmc90 6 3 yearssdubose99 (76): Thanks Jamie