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Threads tagged with 'Dollhouse View'

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3D view of "Dollhouse" in new technology Max_Sodomovskiy 13 28 daysJonJ (748): I would definitely say the quality of the .obj file has improved! Here is an example of a condo I shot yesterday. clickable text This model was created with the fewest scans possible and the dollhouse still looks great. Enjoy, Jon
Walkabout Worlds App - VTLV 5 28 daysJonJ (748): @VTLV This is pretty interesting! Here is one of the examples presented on the Archilogic platform. Definitly not as good as a Matterport model, but this may work well for unfurnished properties. Walk about worlds example: Main floor of home Enjoy! Jon
Dollhouse - Floorplan Tourspace 5 3 monthsPetraSoderling (364): Is that a bug or a new feature? It slows me down when I'm drawing floor plans and I need to wait every time I toggle between the views. I wish it was the way it was before.
Clean Up Doll House View benn1973 2 6 monthspirusan (181): @benn1973 have you looked at our FLY IN 3D Videos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EVLlqRtXlI More information on this thread http://forum.we-get-around.com/topic/1645/page/2/20-questions-google-earth-fly-in-3d-videos/#55
how to allow only the dollhouse views PedroAvilez 4 8 monthsAndrew (220): Hi! It's easy. Download obj. Load to sketchfab.com. Share your model. Profit :)
Ceiling height and trim jntooker 3 9 monthsjntooker (109): Thanks @danmorell, I will try that. I wonder if maybe I can temporarily move the suspect scans one at a time to a different floor temporarily - in theory, I should be able to see which scan is offending. I have a bad feeling the offending scan is the one directly in front of the front door, though, and in that case if I delete it I will have no circle at the entrance. :( I may just have to live with it.
Dollhouse View lisahinson 5 1 yearlisahinson (622): oh, ok - She didn't have a blind or curtain in the entire downstairs. Thanks Gus.
Scanning bathrooms & Walk in closets lisahinson 6 1 yearlisahinson (622): Thanks @petrasoderling & @Maria
Questions about Dollhouse and Trimming lisahinson 5 1 yearlisahinson (622): but that HERO VIEW is so much better :(
Grey areas in the dollhouse view. Shane 1 1 yearShane (91): Built-in robes and closed cupboards show as grey areas in the dollhouse and plan views. Is there any way of graphically marking up the areas so that it is more evident to the viewer that they are built in cupboards etc. I am sure you all have experienced it at some time or another. It is particularly prominent in the attached scan as the kitchen pantry backs onto the bedroom robe, making a large grey undefined area. I understand we will be...
Floors too bright? Glare causes issues! Jake 6 1 yearUnrealerAleksi (49): We've had issues with sun light all the time. We are quite up north, so in the winter sun is low and really makes it difficult to scan some rooms, if there are no blinds. Does anybody have any ideas how to handle the situation, except for planning the time of the scan etc.? We were thinking about getting some type of canvas/sticker with suction cups etc. to place on the windows, to be able to "capture the dollhouse" when there are no...
Partial Missing Wall PlatinumTOD 1 2 yearsPlatinumTOD (7): So little odd, there was no excess heat or even any direct / reflected sun light on this wall yet its partially vanished from the doll house. http://www.platinumhd.tv/vr-tour/c8r3elydw1.html Any ideas? Thinking I may need to email matterport. The trim lines are not even close to that wall (my first thought).
Educating users about the different views? JohnBecker 3 2 yearsDanSmigrod (9574): @JohnBecker @jessetutt Okay if we continue the conversation on this Related Thread? Thanks, Dan