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Threads tagged with 'Art'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
How the Window Trim Tool Saved My Life DanSmigrod 8 25 daysTosolini (2113): @dansmigrod I'm not sure what's the best solution to make lots of tags fit. Baking the labels in the image (through drawing / post-it notes) is one way (as suggested by @Shakoure). The absence of labels on tags invites the user to discover what they are, but there is only so much exploration that we can ask users to do before they move on. Customizable tags might be another way. Today we can only choose a color, tomorrow we might be able to...
An Unexpected Art Project within Street View DanSmigrod 1 27 daysDanSmigrod (15523): [streetview][/streetview] Glam Gamer Girl meets iSimu VR in Google Street View by We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod Hi All, Will my art project living within Google Street View – Glam Gamer Girl meets iSimu VR – go viral? Your thoughts? Dan P.S. From The New York Times today (Tuesday, 1 May 2018), Virtual Reality Asserts Itself as an Art Form in Its Own Right
How MP2SV Improved My Matterport Tour on GSV DanSmigrod 1 28 daysDanSmigrod (15523): 3D Tour: Glam Gamer at iSimu VR in the greater Atlanta Area | Tour by We Get Around Atlanta Photographer Dan Smigrod -- [streetview][/streetview] Google Street View Tour of iSimuVR | About This Art Project Hi All, While I am thrilled that I can publish my Matterport 3D Tours to Google Street View - super-easy-peasy - the GSV version still needed some...
Help with My Matterport/GSV Art Project? DanSmigrod 7 29 daysDanSmigrod (15523): 3D Tour: Glam Gamer at iSimu VR in the greater Atlanta Area Hi All, Should I add a highlights reel or let people discover the Glam Gamer? Best, Dan
Glamour Photography Meets Matterport DanSmigrod 9 30 daysDanSmigrod (15523): @advancedhdr @leonherbert Thank you for your kind notes ... @advancedhdr No. We used each scan that includes Mimi in the model. None were deleted or hidden. I :heart: glamour photography. This was Mimi's first time as a model. This meant that I needed to give her exact direction regarding what I wanted which was (most) inspired by the screen grab in front of each bay. It's not accident if her legs are crossed, her arms are bent,...