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Threads tagged with 'Alignment'

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On the 12th day of Christmas VTLV 2 5 daysDanSmigrod (13093): @VTLV Sweet! #13 Matterport to Google Street View publishing :beer: :beer: :beer: Dan
Video: How to Avoid Alignment Errors DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (13093): Hi All, If you are just getting started with Matterport - or thinking about buying a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera – this Matterport created video will be helpful to avoid alignment errors and misalignment. In addition to how to avoid, the video helps you understand what causes alignment errors and misalignment. https://youtu.be/yriVWC2p7GM Video: Coping with Alignment Errors and Misalignment | Video courtesy of Matterport Looking...
Cursor problems (blue circles). FuturePhotography 10 1 yearFuturePhotography (13): Yep, tried restarting and closing all the tabs. Here is a link so you guys don't think I am making this up ;). Thanks. It took me a total of three days to do both villas, the still photos and I had a little fun with the drone. Still working on editing all the material into one good video. I can feel you Queen_City! In the summer we have 50 C which is just as bad! Here is a picture from my outdoor scan in 48 C heat! ...
Several Alignment/Stitching Issues thebiggerpicture 8 2 yearsthebiggerpicture (13): All very good points here. Thanks @GarySnyder, @ArchimedStudio, and @danmorell for the feedback. I agree with Matt in terms of attention to detail. With over a decade of experience in print design, branding, web development, and photography, I've learned the details expose strengths and weaknesses. That said, I totally understand the technology is cutting-edge and I'm still getting familiar with maximizing potential and respecting limitations....
Edit the model chdsi80 15 2 yearsfranmts (175): Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Great work!
overlapping rooms in preview qmutton 11 2 yearsPieroBortolot (154): Hi guys, I made this work in 2 separate times In the Capture App it was created an overlapping in a room, as shown in the picture As you can see from the images, result two doors between the two rooms, in the floorplan and in the dollhouse In the showcase I can't go through the door and I can't go from room to room and the rings are on the wall What should I do to fix this? (in the same palace, on 2nd floor I had another overlapping...
Camera and Spirit Level PieroBortolot 22 3 yearsron0987 (691): So can someone attach a photo of the new setup. I was wondering what the fuss was but new mount explains the issue. Ron
banister alignment PieroBortolot 19 3 yearsdfellars (52): I have not had chance to speak with Matterport yet, but after going through some of my old scans and I think I know the problem. It is not where it stitches the 6 images together, but where the 3 images that make up each of those six images are stitched together. The Matterport camera is actually 3 separate camera units, each with three sensors. The higher resolution showcase images have to be stitched together top to bottom, before they can...