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360 View Embed in Mattertag VirtualVisit 10 2 monthscraigsauer (958): Darn it! Just realized that Matterport had already provided this functionality! https://support.matterport.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115006439527-Using-Mattertag-Links-to-access-specific-scan-locations-and-360-Views I needed it to try to cover up a stupid mistake I made on a different tour. I somehow missed a scan point at the bottom of the stairs so you can't get upstairs with the normal navigation. So while I wait for the opportunity to...
3D Vista Software - 360's Alternative VTLV 19 3 monthsDanielDI (10): I am glad that I found this. I have been digging and comparing PTGui and Giga for past few days. It is frustrating when comparing products that is similar. I finally purchased AutoPano Giga + Krpano + AutoPano Tour Pro. Started using it for few days now. So far everything is smooth.
360º Photo & Video in ANA Business Class DanSmigrod 2 3 monthsPanoskin (43): Haha looks fun! We just got in too. That's Tom my CRO enjoying his first train ride in Tokyo http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/1672ea0e705a1101549971b3353073c4.jpg
Dan Smigrod at Street View Summit in Tokyo DanSmigrod 18 3 monthsDanSmigrod (12076): A fun Sunday in Tokyo ... A traditional Japanese lunch with 360º photographer Naoto Somese (whom I met at the 2016 IVRPA in Quebec City. http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/c3af4c5457c58e1ce7bcf1a26ffbb81c.jpg A stroll ... http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/444dc9d4ea2192501d8416157640b3da.jpg http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/34431d05c02486034ff4e3724f8137fd.jpg And an evening of social tango dancing (and a special...
Google Street View Summit Tokyo 10-11 May 17 DanSmigrod 10 4 monthsDanSmigrod (12076): Some related We Get Around Network Forum Topics: ✓ Google Street View: Threat or Opportunity? ✓ Matterport Publish to Street View in Tokyo ✓ Google Street View Summit: the 19 Companies Best, Dan
360 Outside with moving cars Wonderdawg 2 4 monthsVTLV (808): Very lucky or recent updates this year have gotten better. I had issues shooting balconies where cars behind would give alignment errors. Later doing similar shoots, I had stretched out cars on the road. In your instance, I like how the trees block off a good portion of the vehicles as the motor spins left to right. If the cars were to be in a direct line of site opposite the house is the worry point for me.